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To Bucket List, or not to Bucket List?

Everyone needs to have a vision & a mission for their life… what’s the difference? Think of it this way: your vision is the destination, and your mission is the map that will get you there… ~ ♥ me ~

Pearls before Swine Comic Strip, December 23, 2011

The other day I started working on my very own, all too common and oh so very overdone ‘Bucket List’. I am not sure if I will post it when it is complete or not, but that is not really the point. My point is that after reviewing many versions of the bucket list online I have decided that I really want to write for myself a realistic list. One in which I know I can complete at least some of it. I do not want a fairytale list that will leave me feeling sad, bitter and disappointed with my life. (Now that does not mean that I am writing a list that is easy to achieve either – ‘the underachiever’s bucket list.’) I am simply feeling that my list needs to contain things that I will have to actually work for (the reward will be sweeter that way), it must have both short and long term goals, one’s that are easy (so I don’t get discouraged) and one’s that are difficult (yet actually achievable).

I am trying to look at my life from the outside and then from that stand point to create a map; a map that contains both a vision and a mission for my life (or perhaps many small missions). Once I have my vision set; or once I have determined my destination, then I can start mapping out the route(s) to get there. This makes sense to me. It makes sense that once my list is realized, then I can start figuring out the why’s and the how’s of it all. Only then I can begin working towards fulfilment.

I must clarify that Iam certainly not looking to create a list of 100 things to do before I die (or 101 for that matter – there appear to be a lot of those out there) I don’t want to create some random list with a bunch of obscure things written on it just so that I can reach a specific number. Random points with no connection, no rhyme or reason to them feel unachievable to me. But a list containing a handful of main points and highlights, and many small pit stops along the route to get there, feels complete somehow.

And so I am looking into my heart and trying to list the actual desires I find there. Be that 20 or 200 things, the number is irrelevant. It’s all about quality. Will the things on my list be a) achievable, and b) enrich the quality of my life? I really think that is the point of the before I kick the “bucket list”.

From my spoken heart to yours, xox