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The Village… is there a message, or is it just a movie?

The Village

The Village

I watched the movie ‘The Village‘ again lastnite. It is a movie I have watched many times since it’s release in 2004. It seems that every time I watch it I catch something I’ve missed, I get something new from it. I personally am a fan of this movie, where as many that I know have abhorred it. I think it is much more than a mere psychological thriller, it actually has an integral message to it. I feel this movie was well thought out, and was meant to make us think. You see we can try to create an idyllic life for ourselves, we can attempt to shelter ourselves and the ones we love from pain, hardship, and loss, but it will eventually catch up with us. Why because we are human. Sorrow will find us and we will feel it. Innocence cannot be regained once lost. Suffering is inevitable. Tragedy is an integral part of the human experience.

We cannot live a life untouched by sorrow. People we love will die. Others will fall ill. Some will just slowly fade away. Jealousy and senseless acts will happen. People we know and love will get hurt, and we cannot stop it. It is in human nature to compete, to harm, to fight. I don’t know why. But we all have an ugly side, no matter how hard we try to hide it, no matter how many positive happy thoughts we force into our brains. We all have moments where we feel anger. Moments when we behave poorly. Times when we react to others behaviour, badly. They may be fleeting, they may be unintentional but they are there.

Every person has experienced their heart being ripped out. Maybe it was caused by a parent. Maybe a friend’s careless words. The loss of our first love. The death of a beloved relative. The fact is we all will face and feel pain in life. And we all react to that pain. Some with passion, some with healing, some with anger and violence, and some by shutting down. But we all react.

Funny thing is in the movie they use the character representing innocence as the one to bring the story full circle. He was strictly acting on his emotions. He had his heart ripped out, and responded in kind. He was inertly child like and unaware of how his actions would affect others. Showing us that it is not about ‘evil’ causing pain and suffering, but rather it is merely an unavoidable part of the human state of being.


Les Miserables…

This past Saturday I went with my two younger daughters to see Les Miserables. It was supposed to be with all three of my girls but sadly my eldest couldn’t make it. It was a lovely time out however, and perhaps next time all four of us will be able to make it out. But back to the movie…

Les Miserables

Les Miserables

I will not get into any details about the actual movie itself as not to spoil it for those who are wishing to see it. Anyways I have to start by admitting the show was not entirely what I expected. I knew it was a musical, and had been forewarned that there was A LOT of singing in it, but I did not really anticipate that there would be maybe 20 spoken words throughout the movie’s entirety. I was also aware that it was an epic tale of sorrow (I mean come on now, what can one expect when the name Les Miserables literally means the miserable ones) but I was already crying within the first 5 to 10 minutes. I silently let the tears stream down my face at least 4 times during the movie and honestly if I had been somewhere private watching it I probably would have out ‘n out bawled through its entirety.  (Puffy, red eyes, nose running, soft sobs and sniffles – wouldn’t that have been lovely)

As for the content of the show I would say it was very good, great even. If you are not familiar with the story it is an absolutely beautiful yet heart-rending tale of human endurance. It is a poignant tragedy that sparkles with hope. Les Miserables does a beautiful job of juxtaposing the horrific rottenness of extreme poverty and prejudiced judgement against those suffering, and the greatness that one simple act of compassion can bestow and how both of these can affect the human condition. It is about the battle of good and evil within all of us. It captured the conflict of perceived justice versus true repentance and forgiveness; and how we cannot and must not think that we can judge another’s heart or motives. The story shows us how some will cave to the prejudice of the world giving up hope, allowing it to direct our path; while another will rise to the occasion and overcome.  Somehow against all odds in the face of deepest poverty and judgment when shown a little kindness some are able to find their faith let it flourish and triumph over the stamp of condemnation placed upon them.

This movie had a little bit of everything in it (I really must read the book). It is a deep underlying tale of human triumph and defeat while combing small moments of humorous relief, scenes of valiant bravery and complete and utter misfortune. And off course what movie is complete without the love at first sight romance? With a bittersweet ending that was in many ways smacking with reality rather than the all too expected Hollywood endings of most movies today I found it highly moving, and inspirational.

Les Miserables: I personally recommend it.


we all need time to grieve…

I was going to leave the tragedy of recent days alone. I was going to carry on as if it never happened, partly because I do not want to draw any more attention to the situation than has already been done, and partly because as horrific and unfathomable as it is it does not affect me or my little world (that is not entirely true as it can bring me to tears and make me a useless mess at any moment if I allow it). Another reason is I feel that all the families affected deserve their time to mourn in peace; I can only imagine how hard it would be to grieve under the watchful eye of a ‘well meaning’ society (The thought makes me shudder).

But there is a flip side to this coin that all seem to have lost sight of. Now perhaps I see things the way I do because there is something desperately wrong with me. Or perhaps it is a gift (an unwanted gift). Who knows? But the young man who did what he did (he will remain nameless here) – in spite of how we want to see him, or of how we may need to see him, or how we feel, in spite of all logic – was a real living, breathing, feeling human being. He was a young man barely started in life. He is reported to have had mental illness – that was obviously not being treated as it should have been. He had a family with people in it who loved him – who still love him. Who are now grieving and trying to sort it out in their heads and hearts.

No one wants to relate to him as a real person – I understand it’s much easy to make him out as a monster. But he was a person. He had parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins – just like you and me and the kid next door, and somewhere in that mix of people were individuals who loved him. Individuals, who are shocked, appalled, overwhelmed and heart broken. No-one raises a child thinking they could turn out to be a mass murderer, a wife abuser, a drug addict, a molester, a rapist, a thief, etc. But it happens ALL the time. How? Why? I have no idea.

To all who are still reading… Please know that my intentions are in no way to undermine or minimalize the pain and grief of the victims. Their pain and grief is beyond comprehension and cannot, should not ever be thought of as less than that. Their pain is mind numbing, heart wrenching and all consuming I know this to be true even though I am not in their shoes. But the harsh reality is his surviving family members are victims too. Victims who will experience moments of hate and confusion. Moments where they will blame themselves. They are victims who will wonder where they went wrong and how could they not have seen. But how could they have, no-one could have seen this. And they must understand they cannot blame themselves for what he did – and neither must we. Every one of us is responsible for our own actions and cannot control the actions of others. Pointing fingers and getting angry just spreads more hate, confusion and mistrust. This is a time for love and compassion, and in time, eventually hope, healing and forgiveness will follow.

I know people will not see what I see, some will get very angry reading this, some may stop following me. That’s ok.  Just don’t respond with hate. Take time to think. Take time to ponder what can we do to help prevent this from happening again? Can we make this better for all involved? And if so how?

From myspoken-anddeeplysorrowed-heart to yours… xoxoxox