musings on life, love and laughter from my spoken heart to yours


Too many words…

Too many words
flowing from lips
that will not stop moving
yet speak nothing of value

Hide behind
walls of silence
lying upon the ground
unable to stand
against the constant
ebb and flow
that barage the shores
of sanctity

Closed ears hear
but mind no longer listens
too much to sift through
what is real
and make believe
so many lies
words twisted
meaning lost
please stop talking

A single tear
holds the loss
of so much
contains the strain
of multitudes
the echos of
relentless screams
heard by no one
but a broken heart.



stirrings come from deep within
dwelling in my soul
creeping like mist, they
echo like the lone wolf’s cry
at the harvest moon

longings tugging at my heart
for silence and solitude
ocean waves lap the shores
branches sway in the wind
the eagle’s call drifts on morning air

deep dark blues
smokey greys
mossy greens
like thick fog
enveloping my brain

I hear the trees call
waters murmur
bird songs
city life is hard
and cold
and lonely

drowning in a sea of people
surrounded by lives
yet never touched
time to reconnect
feel nature beneath my feet
breath clean air
explore forests of trees
not concrete jungles

stirrings come from deep within
longings tugging at my heart
deep dark blues
I hear the trees call
drowning in a sea of people.