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Day 87 – Schema?

Today at work I read an interesting article in Entrepreneur magazine.

Don’t Let Your Brain Commit This Crime Against You.

This article really got me thinking. The fellow who wrote it, James Clear, was talking about a psychological “phenomena” known as Schema. Schema is when our preconceived ideas are used as our filter for “seeing” the world. This is an unconscious reaction that helps us to view the world in a way that we can relate to, or that makes sense to us.


A schema is a cognitive framework or concept that helps organize and interpret information. Schemas can be useful because they allow us to take shortcuts in interpreting the vast amount of information that is available in our environment. However, these mental frameworks also cause us to exclude pertinent information to instead focus only on things that confirm our pre-existing beliefs and ideas. Schemas can contribute to stereotypes and make it difficult to retain new information that does not conform to our established ideas about the world.

Schema can be a valuable tool for interpreting the information around us if we do not have distorted preconceived ideas, however many of us have distorted preconceived ideas about how the world works and the way things are. Therefore schema is often a poor filter that causes us to see through a skewed lens. We tend to take reality and bend it to fit our views and beliefs, instead of taking our views and beliefs and bending them to fit reality.

Personally I believe that when we speak to ourselves using negative self talk, it is a learned behaviour that we have carried over and is now a part of our view of reality.

A good example would be someone who was an “ugly duckling” as a child and had this view enforced through the people around them. When they become an adult they tend to not be able to get past the idea that they are unattractive, even if in fact they are quite stunning, because this idea of being ugly has been ingrained through the negative reinforcement of parents, school yard bullies, siblings, etc. Now as an adult this person sees what has been presented to them instead of what is actually there.

Ugly duckling can be interpreted as: fat, unattractive, had bad hair, skin, teeth, etc, was extremely awkward physically of socially, go ahead fill in the blanks, I’m sure most of us can find something that we relate to to put in there. And this blank that we fill skews our vision of who we really are. It is our foundation for whatever level of self worth we have. It is the base for our relationships and our levels of trust.

Of course this can go far beyond just our self talk and self image. It can be our faith, our prejudices, our ideas of relationships, or family and what they should look like.

A Handful of Portraits that I Find Stunning…


These are various pictures I have come across on the internet (&Pinterest)

I can’t quite place my finger on why but each of these pictures in some way speaks me, I find them stunning.They have a way of drawing me in. They are art…

I do not have or know the credits/information of those who produced these pictures no copyright infringements are intended.

This gallery contains 11 photos



West Park Hospital UK

West Park Hospital UK

I have a Pinterest account. Yea I know pretty much everybody has a Pinterest account. I am not avid about it. I do not use it every day,not even every week. I have actually gone weeks on end without even looking at it. I am not really into the whole do-it-yourself (DIY) thing, I’m not a recipe fanatic (although I do occasionally pin pictures of super yummy looking things that I know I will never make). I do not find a huge amount of appeal in pinning make-up or beauty related things. Not even big on clothes although I do have a ‘my style’ board and it is mainly for pinning the things I have always wanted to be bold enough to wear – but am too poor and too ‘fat’. I am definitely not an avid animal rights person with boards full of cute little kitties and puppies , but again I have a board with random animals, one that highlights dragonflies, one just for birds – primarily crows and ravens,  and one for Friesians and Gypsy Vanners (horses). So what is it then that I actually use Pinterest for? I have a board dedicated to entrance-ways/doors, I find them fascinating and have quite a collection of doors from around the world. I would love to see some of these doors one day. However of all my boards, all 38 of them, there is only one board that I have taken the time to do a write up for; it is entitled “Abandoned”.

For me there is a sad beauty to be found in things abandoned. When I see them I catch whispers of their pasts. I can almost smell the musty smell and feel their dampness in my bones…

There are abandoned churches. One has to wonder how a church becomes abandoned. Of course there are farm houses, hotels, castles, manors and estates. Even more intriguing is that entire cities have been left deserted never to be lived in again, but why?

Butter Church, Built in 1870, this abandoned old stone church on native land in Cowichan Bay, BC - Vancouver Island

Butter Church, Built in 1870, this abandoned old stone church on native land in Cowichan Bay, BC – Vancouver Island

Old City Hall NYC subway stop (closed in 1945)

Old City Hall NYC subway stop (closed in 1945)

But the buildings I find the most fascinating and yet terribly sad are the ones  that were once asylums. They are amazingly designed beautiful buildings and yet they have a very ominous and sadistic past. Often there are wheelchairs still out in the open. A strong eeriness hangs in the corridors of these places. The decay goes beyond the peeling paint, and rotting boards. It has permeated them to their core. Perhaps that is why they are abandoned, never to be refurbished and put back into use despite their great beauty. They reek of their history, mold and mildew, yet hints of cleaners, bleach, disinfectant. These are the buildings that carry echoes. These buildings cry and moan sometimes they even scream…

Asylum, UK

Asylum, UK

MT Psychiatric Center, NY

MT Psychiatric Center, NY

Hellingly Mental Hospital, East Sussex, England (1903 - 1994)

Hellingly Mental Hospital, East Sussex, England (1903 – 1994)

abandoned state hospital for the developmentally disabled

abandoned state hospital for the developmentally disabled