musings on life, love and laughter from my spoken heart to yours


African Sunset…

The burning heat of the plain rises up creating ripples in the air.

It is hot and humid, like a sauna, causing your breath to catch in your throat.

The grass is dry and stretches almost as far as the horizon, a vast ocean of stubble.

Distant trees silhouetted black against the blazing apricot and cranberry sky.

Voices as old as the history itself whisper across the plain ‘God is here’.

A distant lion roars as the sun sets ending another day in Earth’s womb, Africa.

African Sunset
Medium – Chalk Pastel
This drawing is based on a photo taken by a friend on his trip last year to Kenya.


A Rose and a Poem

original title: Death of a Rose
Drawn: August 2009,
Medium: graphite and coloured pencil.

Untitled poem

A moonbeam pierces this heart of darkness,

it is a salve to the wounded.

The blood flows, purging, cleansing,

dark and red.

A single drop falls,

enough to make the flowers bloom.

Bringing life to the barren landscape,

that is my heart.

Date written: unknown – possibly early 2010