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A Bit About Me

This blog is dedicated to telling my story.

The name ‘My Spoken Heart’ came while discussing the idea of starting a blog with a friend. She had noted that I wear my heart on my sleeve and that I should share my view on things. We went through a handful of names, ‘conversations from the heart’, ‘when my heart says hmm’, ‘musings from the observant heart’, but My Spoken Heart stuck with me and after a brief google search it was decided.

So you now know about the name, maybe you should know a bit about me: My name is Andrea, I am in my early 40’s, I was married for 19 years straight out of high school, I’m a single mom (I have 4 kids my eldest is 24, my youngest is 15), I am a Noni (grandma). I have never met my father, and was orphaned at 15 when my mother died of cancer. But those are just things about me, not who ‘I am’ ~ I am a hopeless romantic. I am creative and artistic. Everything is music and color. I am an INFP. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I have learned many life lessons but the best one is: Although life can be very hard,  it can still be VERY good.

My hope is that by revealing how I manage to navigate the storms of life, I can inspire and bring hope to others. Because living, loving and laughing are the essentials of life and hopefully if we can focus on those three simple things, then everything else will fall into place.

From my spoken heart to yours,  Andrea xo

122 thoughts on “A Bit About Me

  1. Hey Andrea,
    thank you for your amazing article. Did you find it? The self-acceptance and self-love? If yes, how?

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    • Have I found it? Yes and no. It’s a learning process. Some days I feel closer to it, some days I feel very faraway. In many ways it seems to be more about unlearning old habits, thought patterns etc, than about learning new ones. So I just keep working on it, each day as it comes. Hope that helps 🙂

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  2. Hello Andrea,

    Your essay “Life Is Good . . . Even When It Sucks” says exactly what I need to hear right now. I won’t bore you with “my story” other than to say I am normally an optimistic, helpful person. However, right now I am going through a personal trauma, one that is not unusual in this world, one that many, many people experience, however it is something I have never encountered in my life and it is bringing me an overload of anxiety and depression.

    Your essay is particularly poignant for me for I lost my younger brother to suicide when he was 27 years old. I understand what you are saying.

    Thank you,


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  3. Hi Andrea… I was wondering where I could get one of those “award free blog” images that you have on your blog.


  4. Wow! I’m glad I found you, Andrea (through Cee’s Share Your World challenge), because I’m also an INFP. And there are so few of us (only about 2% of the population, according to one source I read). I look forward to reading your blog.


  5. very moving and so creative and so down to earth and full of emotion and a strong light shows through your words.peace


  6. Good to meet you, Andrea. From one spoken heart to another.x


  7. Nominated you for some Awards!
    Check it out:
    Of course you don’t have to accept an award, just know you’re appreciated!
    Lots of love,


  8. Hi Andrea — I like your philosophy on things falling into place simply by living, loving and laughing. With enough focus on the positive, there’s not much room left for distraction and drama. I’ve resolved to improve my outlook this year by visiting and commenting on a positive blog every day, while keeping a list on my own blog for reference. Found my way here today, and am feeling much cheered!


  9. Hello. I am here to wish you a lovely day. Hugs darlin. 🙂


  10. Sisterhood of the world bloggers award
    Yes you are being Awarded this by a man
    Below is my reasons:

    I ask in the name of FUN and good manners you accept!
    If you have this already, put it up again and add this:
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    So I award you the “Sisterhood of the world bloggers award”
    Please accept x Award Below!


  11. I just found your blog through another … nice to meet another blog writer 🙂



  12. Hey 🙂 I just stumbled upon your blog and guess what ? I loved it ! I have read some of your articles….You write excellent ! You are right you take you heart on your sleeve ! It was nice reading all about you and the blog name 🙂 You are a brave women…I may be of your children’s age nut I really have started loving you 🙂 You are a wonderful women ! I am glad I found your blog….Following it to stay updated 🙂 Love xx


  13. Hi Andrea, love your blog and attitude to life. I’m a single (divorced) mother of a wonderful young man with schizophrenia and life is getting more exciting every day!!! Following you!


  14. My spoken Heart… Without people like you, I might not have continued blogging. It means a great deal that you take time to read and contribute to my blog. I also love the writing on your own blog and follow it faithfully

    As a thank you, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award.

    Please follow this link to my blog for more details


  15. Hello, I have nominated you for the Shine On Blogger Award. Congratulations, you may follow this link for further details. Namaste, Oliana Kim


  16. Please accept the “Super Sweet Blog Award”


  17. Hi Andrea – I found you through Shaun at “Praying for One Day”. I can relate to working through the life process and all the stuff. I appreciate your honesty, candor and sensitivity. I look forward to reading more and getting to know you.


  18. Please accept this special Award.
    Tersia has a Daugher looking down at her from Heaven, her angel Child Vic.
    She asked me to pick 13 people who changed my life on Word Press.
    People who helped me smile, cry, and create moments with.
    If you don’t DON’T do awards, I ask please you do this one. It means a lot


  19. Andrea, I know I stopped doing Awards.
    But when someone makes an Award and gives it to just ME..I have to accept.
    Welcome to my Wolf Pack, Officially

    I stopped doing awards. But this girls I know did an award, and nominated just me. And asked me to add 5 special people to my “Wolf Pack”
    You are 1.

    Shaun xx


  20. I would be honoured if you could accept this award.
    If you do not accept award, please give this to someone else.
    Thanks. Shaun


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