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Time keeps on slipping…


Hello people, I hope no-one has been worried, I am still alive and breathing. I won’t lie and say I have been too busy, I have just been in my own headspace. It’s a weird place, often it’s rather chaotic and a bit fuzzy around the edges. I can’t believe where the time is gone. It just keeps slipping by. I’m not doing anything amazing, I have not yet found a job, and yes I have been looking, but I feel rather unmotivated to be completely honest. I have considered other options as well such as going back to school – you know one is never too old to learn new things. But I’m not sure. It seems I am in this weird place where I am either under or over experienced/educated depending on the job. It’s a strange place to be. Anyways I’m not worried about it, things will work out in the end, they always do. I’m resilient and I always bounce back, sometimes it just takes time.

“So how do unemployed people spend their days?” you may be asking yourself… it looks something like this, going to bed at midnight or later ever evening, and getting up around 9 most mornings (I am not exactly a night owl but I am not a morning person either). Colouring – I bought the “Secret Garden” colouring book for adults, organizing all the music on my phone so that it is all labeled correctly and filed under an appropriate genre etc., avoiding house cleaning until I jump up and go nuts as the mess is making me mental. living in my pajamas unless I have to go out. And for a bit I was going for walks every other day, but it has been too freaking hot so that died. Did I mention we have had a major heat wave and it’s only this past week that it has cooled down some – we were averaging 34 – 39 C everyday (now we are still in high 20’s).

On a huge plus since I have been unemployed I no longer am living off of antihistamines or my inhaler, in fact I have barely taken my inhaler at all. I wonder how much of it was stress and perhaps an allergy to bullshit??? And I’m eating better, and sleeping better, and I am all around happier.

So, apparently I have been here on WordPress for 3 years now!!!! Woohoo!!! šŸ™‚ I believe I need to set myself a writing schedule while I’m not working and hopefully I will maintain it once I am again. We’ll see how that goes (Cue sarcastic and mocking laugh track here).

And just for fun here’s a blast from the past in honour of my title:


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6 thoughts on “Time keeps on slipping…

  1. Happy blog anniversary, Andrea. I have also been slow with blogging, sometimes our brains don’t seem to stretch that far. When we’re not working for a while, life takes on a whole new pace, dimension even! I am in bed by 10 and usually up by 7am. I plod through the day keeping busy and seldom have time for boredom. I often wonder where I’d find the time for a job šŸ™‚

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  2. “… stress and perhaps an allergy to bullshit??? And Iā€™m eating better, and sleeping better, and I am all around happier” love this part šŸ™‚

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  3. Always nice to read you šŸ™‚
    I’ve colored a lot this summer, too! I got a mandala book and I like it very much!
    I am sick of the heat and miss being able to roam for long periods of time.
    Wishing you all the good and happy prospects!

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  4. Great song! I love the Steve Miller Band! Oh, coloring is so much fun, too, and I have several of the coloring books. I also do Zentangle and Mandalas. Just enjoy your time off doing whatever makes you happy! šŸ™‚


  5. Sorry you’re having a hard time finding a job, but I like your attitude. And, just for the record, I went back to school at age 57 and received my doctorate on my 63rd birthday. Keep your chin up (which it sounds like you’re already doing).

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  6. Glad you are back… Sorry you are having such difficulty finding a job, but it seems there is a reason for everything… Sometimes it just takes a while for the reason to appear before us…
    Keep writing… on or off a schedule… We enjoy your words.
    Hope your evening is filled with beautiful moments…

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