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The inconsistent Sharing of my world… episode 5


And once again I am trying my hand at Share Your World, hosted by the lovely Cee over at Cee’s Photography.

sywbannerFor your blog do you basically use Mac or Windows applications. What type of device laptop, desktop,tablet, phone or pad?

It depends. If I’m posting from work I am using a workstation computer on Windows 7, if I’m posting from home a laptop with Windows 8.1. But to check my notifications I generally use my phone (android). I actually compose all of my posts on notepad, I am very hi-tech I know. You see I find that Word is not really compatible – it screws up my formatting. And I don’t construct in WordPress as I usually do a bit here, a bit there and like to edit some and add some and all that jazz.

If you were to treat yourself to the “finer things” what would you treat yourself to?

I don’t know!!! “finer things” What does that even mean? Hhmmmm… I think I would travel, stay in expensive places and eat delicacies until I got bored with it, of course one needs money to do that sooooo… I’m perfectly happy with a good cut of steak grilled medium rare and an ice cold wheat ale thank you…

Can you change a car tire?

I can as long as the bolts are not too tight… which means I know how too but “No” I probably cannot.

The 4th question this week is answer this poll about “how you would like to see the question formats for Share Your World”. Feel free to answer the questions in your post too.

I answered the poll and here’s my two cents: I think breaking it up a little is an excellent idea. I enjoy answering the questions, I loved the list thing and although I didn’t do the complete the sentence one I had intended too and thought it was an interesting option. I’m game at trying other things as well so by all means Cee be creative and do whatever feels right to you. 🙂

Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

The past weekend I babysat my grandbabies and the youngest (just turned 1) was my little cuddle buddy. We weren’t sure how she’d fair for nearly 7 hours with me and no mom but she was a complete angel. And daughter #2 her graduation commencement ceremony is this Thursday, so I am looking forward to that this week.


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13 thoughts on “The inconsistent Sharing of my world… episode 5

  1. I understand now. I think Windows Live Writer overcomes that problem.


    • Hhhmmm, I may have to check that out then 🙂


      • I have been trying to replicate the problem that you get, but I have been unable to get the same result so far. Word is the root of the problem, but it might also be something to do with the WordPress editor settings.

        I will have another look at it later. 🙂


        • Thanks Ronnie, I will give it a try again as I haven’t bothered in months. Maybe it was a WordPress issue and they fixed it?


          • It has something to do with an incompatibility with MS Word code and the WP editor. I don’t know if different versions of Word make any difference.

            I have to go now, I’ll compare notes with you later. 🙂


          • The browser that you are using can have an effect also. WordPress recommends Chrome.



          • I actually use Firefox, which is compatible with WordPress (I tried Chrome but didn’t like it much, that was a long time ago now though). At home I’m on Windows 8.1 with Office 365. But at work I’m on Windows 7 pro with Office 2007. It’s not something that really bugs me, I just wonder why it happens. But as I said I haven’t used Word to do a rough in months now. 🙂


          • I was looking for a simplistic answer. Usually, the more information that is available, the easier it is to find one. The opposite seems to be happening here.

            I have had a problem with Chrome Bookmarks not functioning properly today and I have been unable to find a solution so far. At the moment it is an inconvenience, but it will snowball into a major nuisance and possibly the end of civilisation. I like hyperbole. 🙂


          • I can see the link there. Chrome bookmark malfunction… end of civilisation as we know it. Yep most definitely.

            I shall prepare for the apocalypse.

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  2. If I copy from a Word document and paste it into the WordPress editor, the formatting stays the same unless I use “Paste as plain text” instead of “Paste”.

    I don’t suppose it is anything to do with that is it Andrea?


    • Well the issue I have with pasting from Word is that it looks fine in the editor then I hit publish and it ends up with lines of code through out and weird chaotic spacing. So I use Notepad.


  3. Thanks so much for sharing this week. I also appreciate your comments.

    Liked by 1 person

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