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Oh 2015, what do you hold in store?


My New Year got off on kind of a bizarre note. I spent the 1st doing the usual, taking down the tree and chilling, knowing that back to work was looming in the background – which is pretty normal right? I spent most of the 2nd with my Eldest and then her family stayed the night and we had had a lovely dinner of East Indian food and once the wee-ones were in bed we played Settler’s of Catan. It was fun, again normal kind of stuff. On Sunday the 3rd we woke to a snow fall – not much just a few inches, but enough that I didn’t want to go out as I do not have snow tires. After my company had left I was lazing about in my pj’s, waiting for my ex to drop our youngest off at home. This is where bizarre decides to show up.

I thankfully had decided that perhaps I should shower and get dressed in actual clothes before he showed. Why thankfully? Well mostly because he didn’t. Instead I got a text that his van had broken down about half way between his place and mine, in Aldergrove. I live in Mission, he lives on the outskirts of Surrey. From my house to his is close to an hour with clear roads and minimal traffic. It was nearing rush hour and the roads were slushy as the snow had turned into a torrential downpour. We had rain, freezing rain and flood warnings on the weather network. Do any of you recall how I feel about driving in uncertain conditions? Well this was pretty much the queen mother of uncertain driving conditions.

Luckily his van broke down near a service station that was actually open. They had somewhere warm and dry to wait, and I had a definitive address to look up and get directions to. I had to force a very reluctant teenager to be my company and co-pilot, but she did concede and come with me, thank God! Anyways, the map said in good conditions it should be about a 25 minute drive to the service station, it took me a nerve wracking 45 minutes to get there. On the way I passed an ambulance attending to a crumpled truck that had spun out on the highway and was partway in the ditch. My daughter wanted to know why it was facing the wrong way for the traffic. I tried not to think about it. I went through numerous puddles that splashed up over the windshield and temporarily blinded me. One was so bad it made us shriek. The rain was pelting down so hard I was practically blind without all the puddle splashes. And even though it was only 4-ish it was completely black out. BUT I MADE IT IN ONE PIECE!!!!

Anyways, long weird story even longer and weirder… my ex and his girlfriend (Yes it’s not even a month and a half ago that he asked me to reconcile with him, but that is a whole other sordid tale) were going to get a cab to her house which is near Richmond the amount this would cost is beyond ridiculous. So me being the nice person that I am said I’d help them. I could have driven away laughing like any normal ex-wife would have done, but then I would have to live with myself, so I didn’t, instead I smiled and offered my help (all the while thinking to myself “seriously wtf are you doing?”). As I do not drive in Surrey or Richmond EVER I let my ex drive with all of us squished into my car – me, both my girls, my ex and his girlfriend – to his girlfriend’s house to get her car. We had a short pit-stop at Tim Horton’s for warm drinks and something to tide over growlie tummies. Then we all drove back towards my place till I was in an area I knew and could navigate my own way back home. I have to admit I do not miss his driving. He is an aggressive driver and I found myself screaming in my head “BRAKES! Why are you not pressing the brakes yet!?!?!” quite a few times. This whole excursion only took nearly 3 hours and 1/3 of a tank of gas. But I was safely home with both my girls, my first adventure of 2015 complete!

I know I had wanted 2015 to be a year of adventure, but this was not really what I had in mind. I certainly had not intended to spend my last day of holidays like that. And now I am wondering just what 2015 has in store for me…

So yeah, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


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17 thoughts on “Oh 2015, what do you hold in store?

  1. OMG and, yes, I remember how you hate driving in the snow. I had an accident in snow many years ago and haven’t ever been able to drive in bad weather since. In recent years I haven’t even driven in the dark.
    The ex didn’t seem to hang about finding a new g/f… but you did the right thing by driving them… it’s what I’d expect of you! Hopefully the adventure you wish for 2015 doesn’t materialise as so much drama 😉

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    • So far I have not been in an accident. I can’t imagine. Next to slippery icy conditions my least favourite is heavy rain in the dark. It makes seeing clearly difficult, the way all the lights and colours blend across the pavement, headlights, I find distance becomes hard to gauge. (Perhaps I shouldn’t drive in such conditions :/ )
      Oh and here’s the kicker she isn’t a new gf! She’s the same one he’s been on and off with for 3+ years. I can’t decide which is sadder, the fact that he went crawling back, or the fact that she accepted him back. But not my circus, not my monkeys!!! If they are happy then kudos to them.
      And thanks for the vote of confidence Cat, it’s good to know that I behaved in a way expected of me! 🙂


  2. I’m glad you made it in one piece! I drove (carefully) through loads of puddles this morning on my way to work, it’s not nice.


  3. OH my GOODNESS! That is more adventure than I could stand! So glad you all made it!


  4. Happy New Year to you too.


  5. Be VERY specific with your prayers,especially when you say “I want 2015 to be an adventure.” Sometimes, God takes us way too literally. Someone I know kept praying for “a man to share my bed with”. She ended up with a male cat. So seen, God has a sense of humor, but again, we need to be very specific.

    Glad you made it safely. Giving him any sort of assistance is so much more than I would have done. However, it is well established that I am not the Queen of Nice. You, my dear, get an award.

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    • Lol too funny about the cat! Yea I’m too nice for my own good sometimes… :/

      But I like awards 😀

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    • This reminds me of when I prayed about getting a cat, two kittens in particular. I was a little uncertain about the whole idea, but two seemed better than one. Anyway, many months later, I took in an old stray cat, she was close to deaths door. It might not be what I originally planned, but the Vet said she was not pregnant, so I decided to give the old girl a home. A couple of weeks later, she gave birth to two tiny kittens. She was not a very good mother and as soon as the kittens were weaned, mother-cat moved into my neighbours and left me holding exactly what I had prayed for… two adorable kittens. They lived with me for almost 16 yrs until their passing, 3mths between each other.

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      • That’s beautiful Cat 🙂

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      • Two is definitely better than one, because they always have each other, particularly when they’re young and want to rough-house.

        Cats are often programmed to nurture, nourish, and move on once their babies have weaned. Some are obviously much more maternal and will stay with their babies a lot longer, but it really depends on the individual personality. Since she was older, they were probably her last litter.

        I think cats are great blessings. I’ve had cats my entire life and I can’t imagine life without them, at least not for very long.

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        • When the kittens were weaned, I had mother cat neutered. When she arrived home next day, she attacked the tom-kitten and walked out the door. She lived with a cat loving neighbour until she died but would visit daily.

          My cats meant everything to me, they even saved my life, so it was hard to let them go. Both died within the last year, so it’s still too soon to bring another home. Sometimes cats have a knack of finding us at the right time 😉

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