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“Are we raising a Generation of Helpless Kids?” (Huffington Post)


I agree with this article, free range children is a thing of the past, letting our kids make choices and experience things on their own taught valuable life lessons that today’s generations are simply not getting. We are inflating our kids with the idea that anyone who wants to can be the next big thing, forgetting that there are outside circumstances that need to be taken into account above and beyond personal ability, drive and a lot of hard work. Speaking of ability, drive and hard work apparently those are not required for success any more (how on earth is that supposed to work?). Instead we do everything for our kids, setting them up for failure as adults.

I am not saying we shouldn’t support and protect our kids heaven forbid. But I am saying that awards for showing up aren’t legit. The real world is a hard place and sometimes it’s cold and cruel, and we need to prepare our kids for that. They need to know how to fail in order to actually succeed. They need to know how to think for themselves, make their own decisions and learn via their own personal experiences.

To me this stuff seems to be common sense, so why on earth do we need elaborate psychological studies to tell us this?


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3 thoughts on ““Are we raising a Generation of Helpless Kids?” (Huffington Post)

  1. Why indeed do we need a study? The way children are raised is so different from yesteryear. Unfortunately some children will only learn the cold hard facts of life once they are thrown into it. I am reminded of that story were the 18 year old girl was suing her own parents, for not wanting to do what was it chores? ??

    Great post.


  2. I don’t know if they ever instigated it, but recently they were talking about changing “failed” for “deferred success” for kids at school, because “failing” would be bad. How nuts is that?


    • That is ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous as the fact that here in BC children in primary school technically cannot fail. For a child to be held back a year the parent has to request it, or the teacher has to get approval from the parent and then they have to apply to the eduction board, the whole process is so much effort most people won’t do it. It’s simply insane.


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