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The no good miserable day… that wasn’t really so bad.


Today has been one bizarre roller-coaster. I woke in a state of overwhelming dread about going into work, and had a horrible sinus headache. Probably the closest I’ve ever had to a migraine. I called in sick and went back to bed… I slept until 10:00. That is a long sleep, I must have been tired. I still had a headache so I took a couple of Advil and had a coffee. I got some stuff done in the quiet.

I looked for work – found nothing overly promising but I actually really looked.

Discovered that the teacher’s strike may be coming to an end! Thank goodness as for one of my girls this is her grade 12 year and she is anxious to get back to school.

I registered my youngest for homeschooling through a fairly new program (Self Design), and then went to set up the new printer as I needed to send copies of her birth certificate and medical card in. I opened the box and ta-da there was stuff missing and the ink cartridges were already in the printer. It was a returned item, and to boot I had thrown away the receipt due to a pen exploding in my purse two days earlier. BUT thankfully my son in law is the one who sold it to me so he printed me a copy of the receipt set another printer aside (the last one in the store) and told me it was ready when I was.

I pulled myself together and headed out the door on a twofold mission. 1) stop by the school and pick up my grade 12 student’s class schedule which was finally available, and 2) exchange my printer. I did 1 with no hiccups. I was heading out to Abbotsford to perform 2 when I felt something hard in my gum. Turns out it was a large hunk of tooth. The tooth that had a root canal done just a few months ago. Awesome!!! OK I won’t panic I’ll deal with that when I get back, I am on a mission, right?

OK so I was half way to the mall and I realized I left the boxed up printer on the floor in the hallway. CRAP! No worries I’ll just turn around, head home and get it. Which is exactly what I did. And from there all went pretty smoothly, with the minor exception of my girls attempting to kill one another this evening, but that is just teenaged sister stuff.

You know what? I realize I could sit and focus on all the shitty stuff that happened, and there was a lot of it. But I’ve decided it’s no big deal. Not really. There was a lot of good in my day too. The new printer works great by the way and I got it for half the price of an ink cartridge for my old one. I got to have a nice drive with my youngest. And I just realized I’m too freaking tired tot let all the bad shit bother me. Life is just way too short.

I guess tomorrow I get to make an appointment with a dentist, I know you’re jealous. 😉

Oh and the icing on my cake, I got a new follower tonite (750 followers! Holy Cow! may I ask why?). This follower is someone I have wanted to check out my blog for a long time now, so it really means a lot to me. It was the best part of my day 🙂


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12 thoughts on “The no good miserable day… that wasn’t really so bad.

  1. Just checking in… hope you’re doing okay!


    • Thanks Sunshine 🙂 nice to have you check up on me! I am okay, just seem to have fallen behind in WordPress world. and it’s feeling like a struggle to get myself all caught up and back into the swing of things.
      ((Hugs)) hope you are well yourself.


  2. root canal
    when sitting in the chair
    I keep asking myself
    “am I really paying for this ???”


  3. I hate it when you buy an item that someone else returned because it was missing parts, broken or they broke it and it was put back on the shelf. grrrrrr.

    oh, everyday you wake up, is a good day. 🙂

    some just offer unique challenges that travel in packs….


  4. I know that, and thank-you 😉


  5. I hope everything goes all right at the dentist.

    You definitely took it all in stride.


  6. I had a day like this last week. So i read the kids book, ‘Alexander and the Terrible Horrible Very Bad No Good Day’, and blasted Daniel Powter’s, ‘You Had a Bad Day’ in my car. (i’m a bit of a theme geek) Some days are just like that, hey? Glad to hears yours improved. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Nice that your rather unpromising day turned around!


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