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Too many things to share…


I’m back! Did you guys miss me? So it’s been forever since my last real post. But I am back up and running with a new laptop. I’m loving it, but it did take about three or four days to start to really figure out Windows 8. I’ll be perfectly honest, now that I have had about two weeks with it I don’t hate it. It’s just very different from its predecessors.

I went to see Ed Sheeran live, he was amazing!!! He performs just him, his guitar and his recording pedals on stage. He sounds the same or better live as well, which to me is the mark of actual talent. Seeing him live in an outdoor venue with the sky overhead, as it starts to get dark, was very cool. This is something i will be getting into more detail on in another post – which shall be coming soon.

I am just wrapping up a stretch of 6 days in a row off (3 days holidays combined with a long weekend). I am dreading going back to work. Like to the point of actually feeling physically ill. I know I have been saying this for awhile now but it truly is time for a change. No more excuses or half-assing it. My last day before holidays it took me everything I had not to lip off at my boss and tell him I was done. Also I am so much happier when I can stay home. I develop a routine, I start to actually do stuff around the house and I enjoy it. Again this is something I am pretty sure I will be writing more about in the near future – and not as a whine session about hating work. I think more on a comparison of being a stay at home mother compared to being a working single mom. Maybe, I’m not sure?

Anyways wanted you all to know I am back 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Too many things to share…

  1. You’ve been missed here, but I have still seen you on FB! 😀


  2. Ah…. I had been wondering if windows 8 had gobbled you up! I have used Mac, windows 7, XP, Ubuntu, all with ease, but this past year it’s been a challenging windows 8 on my home PC. It’s definitely more suited to a laptop or ipad. I have a phone with windows 8, which is fab, but on the PC is a slightly different experience.

    Looking to change job is not only mentally/emotionally challenging, but very time consuming… something a working mother might find difficult (bit of an understatement!). It would be ideal if you found something home-based… I bet you have one or two ideas up your sleeve.


  3. Welcome to windoze 8. oh, don’t hit it with a hammer, that is rule number one I think.

    But welcome back too!!! 🙂

    Finding a new job always seems easier when you have one, so keep biting your tongue….. counting to ten and just smiling and nodding.



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