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Insecurity motivates stupidity…


teardropI have recently learned the lesson that texting is a poor method of communication and that one must think before hitting send. (One being me). That we can carelessly type something and send it without understanding, contemplating, knowing… how it may be taken. (We being me). I have realized that even though something may seem funny or clever as it is typed, how it will be perceived is another matter all together. There is no body language, voice inflection, or twinkle in the eye to indicate what was actually meant vs what the words may, or may not, actually say. Which basically translates as: I said something off hand in an attempt to hide emotions I was feeling and in turn hurt and emotionally wounded someone I deeply care about.

I’m sorry isn’t enough, but it’s all I have

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7 thoughts on “Insecurity motivates stupidity…

  1. So true, texting can lead to so many misunderstandings, especially on the emotional level.


  2. Virtual warp we are sinking in is not reliable and highly perplexing.One must choose words more wisely when imparting them through such mediums.Explain to that person.They will understand if love and care is reciprocated equally


  3. I feel for you. I have done similar myself. Maybe you could meet up or phone. I avoid texting as I’m pretty rubbish at it anyway but all the moreso when so much can go wrong with what is a less than ideal form of communication. I do hope you’re able to resolve it as it sounds like an unfortunate mistake.


  4. The other person could easily have contacted you to clarify. Mis-communication is easily solved as long as both people discuss it. I doubt you intended to hurt the other person.


  5. That’s very true. Many times I’ve been on the verge of sending something when I suddenly realised that it could be taken to say something very different to what I wanted to say.


  6. So very true! Great post, Andrea 🙂


  7. How powerful our words are we don’t know. Just as I learned I don’t have serious in-depth conversations after 10 o’clock at night because I’m usually tired, I have now learned that I don’t talk about anything that’s important or emotionally charged with texts, or even in emails. We are quickly getting away from human interaction and almost becoming robotic in our communications with those around us. Thanks for a wonderful post


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