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Today I feel like Tim…


I am having a no good, lousy, stupid day today. It’s not for any particular reason. It’s not really anyone’s fault. I’m not feeling particularly angry or anything, it’s just one of those days where many little things are going ‘wrong’ and I am overtired, put together I am at a point where I am feeling like Tim! “Whose Tim?”, “what do you mean you feel like Tim?” you ask…. See below:



Author: myspokenheart

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6 thoughts on “Today I feel like Tim…

  1. Excellent! Hope you’re feeling better


  2. Awwww smiles cheerfully and offers a cyber mocha cappuccino with chocolate shavings and extra foam. pssst and no calories.



  3. I hope today is going better for you.


  4. I’m sorry you’re feeling that way. I feel like Tim everyday.


  5. May the sun shine soon on the heart of your garden.


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