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A brief update…


I may not be posting regularly for the next while. This morning my home computer refused to turn on. It looks like the power button is blown. I had used the computer lastnite with zero issues, so I am quite confident it is not something major. I have noticed over the past week or 2 that sometimes I had to press the power button 3 or 4 times before the computer would kick in and boot up for me, and so I’m praying it’s the power button. They are apparently really simply to replace and cheap. I like simple and cheap solutions as I can do it myself and it doesn’t leave me broke. šŸ™‚

Hopefully I’ll have it fixed soon otherwise I may be absent for sometime.


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7 thoughts on “A brief update…

  1. Best Wishes on a speedy power button replacement!


  2. Youtube is a great help, it worked when my key fell off my keyboard. Don’t forget to unplug it first. Hammers are great, you feel so good when you are done… until you realize it really is broken now.


  3. Posting from work, omg I am telling…. hmmmm who do I tell?

    Is this a lap top or a desk top computer? My last lap top had a wiggly power button, if I pressed gently and wiggled it just a bit it would come on. I tried pushing harder and it got poked in…. so don’t poke harder. I find hammers work well with computers also. I get one often to tune one up.. .oh wait you need a room mate that takes the hammer away from you and fixes the computer.

    Try gentle wiggles then. *nods nods*



    • Who do you tell? NO-ONE!

      it’s a desktop and I’ve had it for roughly 2 years. but I have noticed that the power button has been pretty finicky lately. Apparently it’s a pretty common thing to go. but I am not that confident with fiddling about with hardware. I mean what if I break it more?
      Hammers you say? I’m not so sure that will fix my problem… :/


  4. It does sound like the power button, fingers crossed.
    I hope you’re back up and posting again soon šŸ™‚


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