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Day 91 – Wicked, a day in Vancouver


Before I say anything else I need to say I would have posted sooner. But I was up til 12:30am debugging my computer. It kept shutting down and rebooting on me for no apparent reason. No viruses were found. But I did discover some conflicts, 2 programs that were apparently damaged and needed repairing, and a few programs that had been deleted but had left much garbage behind. Thankfully it seems to be running smoothly now, and it has not shut itself down since.

So Saturday was the BIG day! 14 and I got up early – early for a Saturday, and got ourselves ready. We had to prepare for crummy weather as that was the forecast but of course it ended up being a beautiful day. The hour plus drive into Vancouver went without a hitch which is fantastic because I am not crazy about driving, but I  am learning to like it more and more. We did get a little misdirected once in Vancouver but that’s OK we figured it out and found our location, parked and went for a wander as we were roughly 2 hrs early for the play.

We had lunch at ‘Five Guys’ which was 14’s choice she had been with her father and said it was good, I had never been before… it was decent. The fries were really good, the burger was alright. Not a new favourite but I would eat there again.

Next we headed to Chapter’s books. Three glorious floors of books and other wonderful things like leather bound journals and actual quill sets complete with ink wells and feathers. We purchased a few books but had a bit of an issue while there. We found a hardcover copy of Neil Gaiman’s Stardust. It did not have a price on it but another copy that was very similar was priced at $37.00. I thought cool we’ll get this. After killing an hour moseying about we went to the till. As she rang the order up the cashier looked confused. She held the copy of Stardust up and asked if there had been a price on it. I told her no. She opened it up and flipped through it a few times, turned it over in her hands all the while looking puzzled. Then she informed that it was apparently a limited addition copy – #418 out of 2000 total copies world wide to be exact and that it cost $135.00, “Do you still want to purchase it?” WHAT? Do I still want to purchase it?! Yes of course I do, now more than ever! This of course created a dilemma I did not have the funds to purchase it. Sigh… I told her she would have to put it back. I paid for the rest of our purchase and we left feeling a bit sad.


We arrived at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre with about 20 minutes to spare. We found our seats without any issue and waited anxiously. The play was very good. The singing was phenomenal. The costumes were bright, the story was funny. I would post pictures but taking any was strictly prohibited. Hmmmm.

Then we headed homeward. Except I had printed directions only for getting to Vancouver. As it turned out I could not go the same route leaving. So I headed in what felt like the right direction and eventually pulled over as I knew we were not where we should be. I want a GPS. My phone finally loaded up a map and I discovered that I wasn’t that far off. A few kilometers and a couple of turns later we were on our way home. What a terrific day it turned out to be. And I couldn’t have asked for better company.




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3 thoughts on “Day 91 – Wicked, a day in Vancouver

  1. Sounds like a great day, an awesome show and an entry in your wish list. I hope you can get that book one day soon.


  2. What a great day out. I’m glad you had such a wonderful time (and didn’t get too badly lost!).


  3. Beautiful pictures-thanks for sharing!
    The last time my computer crashed, I went to a friend’s house and downloaded Linux Mint onto a flash drive and put it onto the computer until I could get a Windows CD and re-install. I’ve found Mint to be the closest, function-wise, to Windows. I’ve also used Ubuntu, which almost reminds me of a tablet set-up. The only thing I don’t like about the operating systems is it’s a pain in the rear to get stuff like Netflix and certain videos/applications to work. Compatibility issues, I guess. And my Dragon Dictate software wouldn’t work w it at all, so I eventually switched back to Windows.

    Here’s the links to both, though, in case you have computer issues/crashes and need to reload everything or need something temporary. You can put it on a CD or FlashDrive. (There’s special free software to download in order to format your disk/drive, though, which the website should tell you how to do that. It’s basically to format it so your CD/Flash will be read as an OS instead of plain data. Email me if you need help w it) ❤


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