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Days 80 & 81 – TGIFpayday…


I am thankful it’s Friday! I am even more thankful it’s payday. I am seriously out of everything. I am actually excited to go grocery shopping… FOOD YAY!!!! How sad is that? Looking forward to avocados and berries and salad and other yummies. And relieved we didn’t run out of TP before today. Do you have any idea how much TP teenaged girls go through? A lot, that’s how much. And it seems the less you have the faster they use it. I think it’s the same principle as shampoo, dish soap, paper towel, and unmentionables (you know feminine protection).

Proper-Toilet-Paper TP

Anyways I am excited for tomorrow because 14 and I are going to go shopping for outfits to wear to the play we will be attending next weekend. I am thinking of buying a dress or skirt… I own 2 dresses both old as the hills (1 of which is a tie-dyed hippie type dress) and 1 skirt… that was given to me. So I am probably in need of some girlie frocks. Mind you then I may have to get shoes and other accessories, I don’t think my sneakers will go at all.

Ok so about the play. We are going to see the Broadway hit musical “Wicked”. It is playing at Vancouver’s Queen Elizabeth theatre. We have unobstructed balcony seats. I’ve been told the theatre is beautiful and that there is no such thing as a bad seat in there…. EEK I am so excited!!!!


It will be a fabulous day. We’re making a full day of it and are going to go for lunch, see the play, maybe spend some time at Chapter’s checking out all the books. It’s going to be a blast!


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5 thoughts on “Days 80 & 81 – TGIFpayday…

  1. My cousin saw it on Broadway a few months ago and loved it. Have an awesome time.


  2. Hope you have a fab day


  3. I’m constantly amazed at how expensive TP is. It’s because they know people have to have it. Of course, I insist on Andrex “Puppies on a roll” which is a bit more pricey (but cuter) 🙂

    I hope you enjoy the play!


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