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Day 77 – Poetry and Lust…

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I truly think I could be going crazy. I am doing things that are so out of character for who I have been and these things, well they feel so right and so wrong. I have a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions all smashed up inside of me, vying to be at the forefront, leaving me feeling confused…

Emotions strong
pulse through veins
forbidden song
invades my brain

Burning hot
with wanton thoughts
catching my breath
making me want

Tight crossed legs
hard pressed thighs
long deep breaths
and heavy sighs

Longing aches
and frantic touch
breathless pains
it’s all too much

Going crazy
fierce with lust
I fear my body
I no longer trust

Hold me down
take my heart
mould me, make me
into art

Whisper my name
no gentle gloves
just kiss me hard
and call me love

Waves crash down
upon the shore
a long deep tremor
no need for more

The storm is over
said and done
now all is calm
and peace is won.



Author: myspokenheart

Blogger, life lover, silly-hearted daydreamer...

One thought on “Day 77 – Poetry and Lust…

  1. It’s wonderful when someone can express their emotions in words so beautifully. Thanks for sharing.


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