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Days 70 & 71 – Allergies, Please go away…


Spring is such a beautiful time of the year. Everything is so pretty, and its warm. And all the lovely scents in the air. I love the flowers. I enjoy the smell of the grasses. And yet I hate the flowers and the grass as they cause me to suffer. I have been  suffering from some pretty severe allergies the last few days. It really SUCKS! Itchy, sticky eyes. Severe congestion – being a mouth breather. Poor sleep. Even minor body aches (mostly due to the poor sleep). I don’t like it, not one bit. It feels just like having a cold or flu. Yet people don’t seem to view it the same as being sick. But I am thankful it has not triggered asthma. Something to be grateful for. Also we had some rain today. It helps ease things by washing away the pollen.



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3 thoughts on “Days 70 & 71 – Allergies, Please go away…

  1. Sigh. Me, too. This time of year is so wonderful, but it also sucks. I live in the “grass seed capitol of the world.” I finally bought a small air filter to run inside to clear the air in the evening and it works surprisingly well, allowing me to sleep better and not have to get up to take more allergy pills in the middle of the night.


  2. Sorry you’re suffering. I used to get hay fever (it’s very mild and barely noticeable now) and it really sucked. You can’t even leave the window open to cool the place down because all the pollen comes in 😦


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