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Day 68 – What a great day…

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Early I was talking to a friend and she asked how my day was. So of course I started reflecting on my day. It was a surprisingly good day even if there are things I wanted to do that I didn’t and I spent more money than I had anticipated. It was a hot sunny day and so I went out for a bit instead of  actually cleaning my house – which is part of my Saturday routine. I did do a decent vacuum of the downstairs rug, moved a couch and after I recovered from the shock cleaned under it, turned off the pilot light in my gas fireplace – which I was afraid to do as a spider had taken up residence in the area I had to put my hand to do the job, but the spider must have died and so with a few pathetic shrieky noises I got it done.

Last month my cordless landline had given up the ghost and I had replaced it, I hated the new phone I had gotten and found that the battery had issues, so I exchanged it for a much better brand and model that just happened to be on sale for the same amount as the hated phone. I ran some errands. Bought miss 14 some new books at the local bookstore. Got myself a new shirt (actually had bought that for 14 too, but when we got home we found it was a size too big for her, soooo score for me!). I also picked out some absolutely adorable little outfits for little miss Meadow <3. Aaaaand had a brief opportunity to chat with my friend ;).

Currently, as I am typing this up, I am waiting for the dye in my hair to finish developing so I can go rinse it out. And once that is done I will relax for a bit with my favourite 14 yr old and then I will go to bed. Seriously what a great day.



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One thought on “Day 68 – What a great day…

  1. Wow, you got a lot done! I was happy I managed to do some weeding.
    Well done with the pilot light – I won’t stick my hand anywhere there’s a possibility of spider 🙂


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