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Day 64 – I have skipped a few… oops


I have not been very present here the last few days. I have not been checking other peoples blogs and I have not been posting – I actually haven’t posted for 5 days. I would love to say that it is because my life has been amazing and busy and whatever, but partly it has been just a lack of motivation (I’ve been slacking) and partly I have been hit very hard with allergies.

Although my reason yesterday is a valid and very exciting one! My eldest daughter brought my third grandbaby into the world yesterday! My granddaughter, Meadow, was born late yesterday morning. I was there watching the other two kidlets, and then hung around for most of the day. I have paid dearly lastnite and today however as I am very allergic to my daughter’s cat. But getting to see Meadow and hold her was well worth it.

Meadow is a very vocal, not so wee, wee-one. She came in at a whopping 11 lbs 5 oz!!! everyone was shocked. My daughter may be tall (5 ft 9 in) but she is tiny. How that baby fit is beyond me. I want desperately to post a pic but as of yet I a) don’t really have any share worthy photos and b) want to respect family privacy but once I have some good ones and my daughter’s go ahead I will post a pic or two here.

2010-10-26 KLM Its a girl card WM


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12 thoughts on “Day 64 – I have skipped a few… oops

  1. Oh yay. Big smiles. Congratulations to mom and you Andrea!


  2. How wonderful…Congrats! ~Karen~


  3. Congratulations! And such a lovely name!


  4. Congrats! I LOVE the name. So feminine and pretty.


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