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Day 59 – Phantom of the Opera…

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I had a very busy day at work today. It was good I wish it was like that more often, maybe I would enjoy my job more.

One of my co-workers had her birthday today. I forgot. She is one of the kindest women I know… I felt horrible. When the boss left for lunch I went into her office and confessed to being an asshole and that I had forgot her birthday. She remembered mine and gave me present even, a book actually Mitch Albom’s ‘the First Phone Call from Heaven’.

Tonite me and the girls are thinking of watching ‘the Phantom of the Opera’ but not the 2004 movie, but rather the 2011 live theatre adaption from The Royal Albert Hall (well filmed live). I’ve seen it before, the singing is amazing and I would love to go there some day to watch a musical.


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