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Days 54 & 55 – going out alone…

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Yesterday my eldest and her little family headed came over for the afternoon, we visited and had a nice pasta salad for lunch. It was a good day overall.

Today was blah outside. Overcast and rainy. It left me feeling both very sleepy and restless at the same time.

I actually got up and baked banana bread for breakfast lunch, as it wasn’t ready in time for breakfast, but both my girls slept in till nearly noon so.

I spent some time reading Clockwork Angels. No not the book from the Clockwork series, but rather the book inspired by Rush’s last album. The novel, written by Kevin J Anderson, is based on both the lyrics from the album and a short story, both written by Rush’s drummer Neil Peart. I am really enjoying it.

Around 2 I decided that instead of taking a nap I would get dressed and head out, after all I had some errands to run. I headed out alone, it was nice . No one asking for extra things. No one whining are we done? can we buy this? can we go to Tim Horton’s? etc… I took my time, and just enjoyed being by myself, it was relaxing.

So here’s to the little things. To time alone and to just learning to be comfortable with me. ❤



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