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Day 50 – ‘Under Pressure’

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So I am on day 50 – half way there. 🙂

I am shocked that I actually hit ‘publish’ yesterday and yet happy that I did. I feel like some pressure has been taken off of me. Like I have shed something foul that has been weighing on me, yet I hadn’t known it was there until it was gone. I was so scared, but I do not know what of? Why?

There is so much pressure, pressure to measure up, pressure to stay calm, pressure to look good, respectable, appropriate. But I am learning to accept that truly there is no pressure, except the pressure I put on myself. I do not want to live under pressure any more. I need to free myself from worrying about what others might (or might not) think. There is more to life than that. Living under that kind of pressure isn’t living, it’s existing.

What a wonderful gift to give to myself, the gift of actually living…


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