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Days 46 & 47 – Godzilla, IHOP & extreme bargains..


Lastnite I went and saw the movie Godzilla with my daughter 14, we were stoked to go see it, it looked awesome. It wasn’t. It’s not that it was horrible but it was disappointing. I say if you want to see it save your money and watch it when it comes out on DVD. So the movie was meh, but the company was terrific.

This morning I went out for breakfast with 14 & 16 & one of 16’s friends. We went to IHOP. Till today I had not been to an IHOP here in Canada. I was not really impressed. We had to wait 15 – 20 minutes to get a seat. My coffee cup was dirty… 😦 . The food was OK, not great but. And I found the portions to be ridiculously huge. I mean seriously who can eat that much? I can’t. No wonder there is an epidemic of obesity in North America. Anyways the food may not have been great but I had fun going out with my girls and friend. They were funny, and we got to be goofy, and I enjoyed it anyways.

Once we finished stuffing our faces, we headed to the mall. I didn’t really have much in the way of spending money but I needed a new pair of pants. I decided to pop into Ricki’s – I don’t know if you have Ricki’s where ever you are but they are a decent mid range women’s clothing store that carries casual thru to dressy and has a decent selection of business wear. I could not have gone in on abetter day. The store was moving inventory for the new summer line coming in next week. All spring stock was already marked down but for today only everything was 50% off the last ticketed price. I bought a pair of jeans, a pair of olive green cargo pants and a light weight knitted hoodie/sweater for $42 including tax. When I checked the original prices I would have paid over 170 for the same 3 items just 2 weeks ago.  This weekend so far has made me very happy! 🙂


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6 thoughts on “Days 46 & 47 – Godzilla, IHOP & extreme bargains..

  1. ok so no big monster movie, *crosses that off the list* and blech to a dirty coffee cup, also to huge portions, It is nicer to have lower prices and smaller portions.

    But Yay for being goofy, that is the best. 🙂


  2. Thanks for saving me the money – will wait til it comes out on DVD. Great company always wins over the dullest of events, doesn’t it!?!? 🙂 ~Karen~


  3. When the company is great it doesn’t matter so much about the movie and so on.
    I was wondering about the new Godzilla film (is it any better than the last Godzilla effort?) – after what you’ve said I think I’ll wait for it to come out on DVD and watch the X-Men film instead.


    • I don’t really remember the previous Godzilla movie even though I know I saw it. This newest one had a lot of potential but fell short. My two biggest complaints were 1) pick a genre: either it’s a monster/horror type film, a dramatic romance, or an action thriller, but don’t try to make it all 3. And 2) there was far too little Godzilla in Godzilla. (And why is everything always in America?)
      Let me know how the X-Men film is 🙂
      Yea I have a good weekend so far, and it’s a long weekend so I get tomorrow off too – woo-hoo!


      • Next weekend is a long weekend in the UK 🙂 I hope you enjoy yours!
        I was labouring under the assumption that Godzilla was Japanese. Maybe he’s on holiday? All the monsters, aliens and psychos seem to gravitate to America. Makes me feel safer, America is so far away 🙂


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