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Day 45 – So much to be thankful for…


Today my son was in a car  accident.

I live in a different province from him, about 18 hrs away by car, there was nothing I could do. I have never felt so helpless and useless in my life. I think I the 3 hours of not hearing anything were the hardest of my life, just sitting waiting… I am so bad at waiting.

I do not know all the details, I just know what I have been told, most of which has been second hand. He was apparently t-boned by someone in an intersection. But as it turns out he is fine. He has some bumps and bruises, but the x-rays came back saying nothing is broken. He probably has minor whiplash although no-one has used those words but his neck and back are very sore and he will be on pain killers for awhile.

I have so much to be thankful for. I swear that kid is the luckiest person I know. It could have been so much worse.


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7 thoughts on “Day 45 – So much to be thankful for…

  1. Glad your son is okay. Deep breath. hugs ~Karen~


  2. take care
    hope your son
    feels better soon


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