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Day 37 – I’m feeling fine…

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I have to say I have been feeling pretty good as of late, and I am liking it.

I haven’t taken an antihistamine in just under a week – which is a big deal. I am not living off of advil or any other form of pain killer. I have been doing some exercises every day – don’t go thinking I’m doing aerobics or anything, I’m not. Mostly I’m doing stretches and ab toning exercises for a few minutes each nite (I do them until it burns and I want to cry – OK not really, there’s been no crying but still) and they are certainly helping. My back doesn’t hurt even half as much, and I am definitely feeling more toned/thinner in my midriff. But alas I am miles from achieving a six pack and being bikini beautiful but I feel better non-the-less and am committing to this, because I am tired of feeling “off” all the time.

Also I am eating better. There was a period a bit back where I was eating a lot of crap – always going for the easy fix, take-out, freezer foods etc. BLAH! I am working back to lots of fruit and veggies. Smaller portions, less carbs, next to no dairy (I was VERY allergic to dairy as a child and am wondering if it had been affecting my health) and lean proteins – primarily nuts and eggs and small servings of meat a few times a week.

This combined with the changes I have been making in attitude, and dealing with stress have been fantastic, and it’s not been a flash in the pan thing these have been slow in the making changes which I find encouraging as there is a better chance of them sticking and becoming my way of life, which is what I want.

So here’s to committing, to self determination and to feeling better… 🙂



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