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Day 36 – Just Breathe


I am glad I am learning to take things in stride. I am learning to just breathe. I have recently learned to just breathe when I am driving and have found it to be half as stressful. I am learning that when my boss strips me of my creative voice to just breathe and I can get through it. I am learning that when relationships and friendships do not go as I want them to, just breathe. When people respond in ways I do not understand… yes, you guessed it, just breathe.

Why? Well, because I cannot control these things. I cannot do anything about who people choose to be, or what they decide to do. I can however control how I feel, how I react and how I cope…


Author: myspokenheart

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2 thoughts on “Day 36 – Just Breathe

  1. The Serenity Prayer is good for stuff like this as well – thinking about what we can or cannot control.


    • yes the serenity prayer – we have discussed this before :). learning to accept what we can and cannot control is hard. The things I can’t control I want to, the things I can I don’t want to… But I’m getting there.


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