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Day 35 – Tea and bed…

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Today is/was Monday – as I am sure you all know. It was a long day, an unproductive day that feels a lot like a waste, especially after such a good weekend. I am not saying it was a bad day. I am just saying it felt pointless. So I am going to sit and enjoy a cup of tea and then I will go to bed. Hopefully tomorrow will hold some hidden nugget of truth or beauty for me to find.

Good nite everyone, sleep sweet, have beautiful dreams… I will see you tomorrow


Author: myspokenheart

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One thought on “Day 35 – Tea and bed…

  1. I have many days like that. Especially when I’m on annual leave from work and I turn into a couch potato. The days when I have something to do with other actual people, which I don’t usually look forward to, are the most fulfilling. I usually prefer my own company but it doesn’t do me any favours.


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