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Day 33 – A Special Day…


Yesterday I conquered took a big step forward with my fear of driving. I did a long difficult drive and am very happy I did. I realized I can do it. I found out that getting lost is no big deal, and that the way can  be found again when we keep a level head.

I found out where some pretty neat looking places are such as the drive in theatre (I know my girls have wanted to go there), and some funky looking little townships that could be worth exploring.

Also today I got to explore a bit of Vancouver. It was fun. I enjoyed wandering Commercial Drive and checking out the funky little shops in what would kind of be classed as Vancouver’s ‘Little Italy’. Also the surrounding neighbourhood had some gorgeous old Victorian style homes and nifty neighbourhood parks like one sees on TV full of old-timer’s shooting the breeze while playing chess and lawn bowling. It was really something.

I am happy for new found freedom… I will not allow myself to get overwhelmed by fear like again. Realistically I know I will be afraid again many times in my life. But I also know that if I stay calm and rational I can get through it.


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