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Day 32 – I want to play…

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There is a 25 days 25 songs thing going around – a lot of people that I follow are participating, and I want to play. But I am on day 32 out of 100 on my 100 days of something. And to be truthful I am finding one post a day difficult enough. Not that posting is so hard, but finding time, actually remembering, finding something to write about that is positive. etc… I am hoping by the time I get to day 100 it will be old hat.

But back to the title – I want to play, the music thing does sound fun… maybe I will try a version of it when I’m done this?

I know I will make a point of playing and doing something fun this weekend. I think the child within is feeling bored and wants a chance to escape for a bit. đŸ™‚

I am happy that I have a child within….



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One thought on “Day 32 – I want to play…

  1. Since I’m reading this some days on, I hope you did get to play at the weekend!


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