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Day 30 – A day late…


So I completely forgot about posting yesterday. I don’t mean I got too busy or I went to bed too late or that I didn’t get the chance to post. I mean I forgot… How does one forget to post? IDK but it happened.

At any rate I had a good day yesterday. Work was well, work. Nothing strange or unexpected there. Had a nice chat with 16 – which is a wonderful thing, as we have more un-nice chats than nice ones… not that we fight constantly but there is a tension that often surrounds us.

And I grabbing the bull by the horns, on Friday I am driving 14 to her father’s for the weekend – this is big, I am driving into the city, to his new place with only my map to direct me,Β  I have never driven in the big city areas before… cross your fingers for me please! But it feels to good to have made a decision and to be going forward with it.

So lots to be happy about, it has been a good week thus far πŸ™‚

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Author: myspokenheart

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4 thoughts on “Day 30 – A day late…

  1. Good luck with your drive. When in doubt, pull over and consult your map. I once found my friends in Chelmsford by memorising two turns ahead, then stopping, checking the map, memorising the next two turns and so on. Slow and steady wins the race!
    I’m glad you’re having a great week πŸ™‚


  2. Just honk the horn a lot. *nods wisely*


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