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Days 26 & 27 – Happy weekend…

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Happy weekend everyone. I am writing this to you with sleep still in my eyes. I was too tired lastnite to post and had gotten side tracked earlier in the evening. It was a good nite. It was just 14 and I at home, as 16 went to her dad’s for the night, and instead of watching TV/movies or spending our nite ignoring one another while playing on laptops or phones we spent the evening YouTube-ing. We started out with 80’s music videos and singing along loudly being dramatic – you know clenching our hands into fists while closing our eyes to really emphasize how dramatic it is to “need a hero” while questioning just “how do I get you alone?” and to express just how bad our “tainted love” really is.  This then progressed to a few modern songs and went straight from there to jazz. 14 has really rounded tastes in music. When I say jazz I mean Michael Buble to be exact. This is where I have to state that I am one of the few women of the world who could take or leave Michael Buble… I don’t hate his music but I do not go out of my way to listen to it, or to see his videos, I certainly do not swoon at the sound of his voice or name. That being said I actually enjoyed listening to him lastnite, perhaps it was the context or maybe it’s that he is no longer blasting from the radio every time I turn it on, as he was a few years ago. At any rate 14 then went on to finish off the evening by singing every song from the sound of music. Only she doesn’t solve a ‘problem like Maria’ – she solves a ‘problem like Andrea’. Rotten kid! *eye roll*…

This video is fantastic – it made me laugh… I have to admit he is a great entertainer.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Sunday, or whatever day it is in your part of the world when you read this… *hugs*


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