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Day 22 – Looking for work…

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Today was my last day off for awhile. And I committed to looking for another job. Sadly I found a few that sounded great but I missed the closing dates. However I did find one that I have a shot at and is in my vicinity. I have a few days to polish the resume, match my skills up with the requirements and put together a nice cover letter. I have already started but have a bit more polishing to go. I also put my name in for another job over the weekend but I am really unsure about it. It is a major commute, and not necessarily the job I want but one I am more than capable of doing. The cream job I missed applying to by a few days, but what will be will be and I did submit saying that should they not find someone for it, or if it comes open again please consider me. You never know.

So what am I saying I’m grateful for? I am grateful that I have found the confidence I needed to put my foot forward and actually do a serious look. I am thankful that I have taken the step from being unhappy where I am at and going beyond recognizing it, and complaining about it and actually taking action.

So cross your fingers with me and blow on that dandelion puff while we wish I find the right one and actually get somewhere 🙂



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