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Day 19 – Relax don’t do it…

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OK there was nothing to say “don’t do it” about but you know I had to go with the catchy song phrase there… Oh the 80’s were good to me – Frankie goes to Hollywood

Today was one of those just relax days. I am in the midst of 6 days off. Mostly I have puttered today, I cut up pineapple, melons and apples for fruit salad pre-made for an easy snack. the kitchen is clean, the laundry is done (sort of). Tomorrow is my grand-daughter’s 5th birthday, and Monday the girl’s and I are having our Easter dinner. It feels good to be having some time off and just enjoying that time.

I wish that I could have some bright, charming, positive, important post each time, but alas I don’t. Especially with posting every day. But I am happy. Life is good. And that is pretty positive after all…

always has been


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