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Day 16 – Adaptability…

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Today was my Friday this week. As I have limited vacation days I have learned to use them wisely. I take advantage of long weekends and extend them getting the most bang for the least amount of used days. For example I have 6 glorious days in a row off yet only took 2 vacation days. Yay!!

Anyways I am so thankful today is my Friday as I had a very restless sleep lastnite and slept with my arm all twisted up underneath me. Today my am has been quite sore and I am fairly sure I may have pulled something. Have you ever slept ‘wrong’ and gotten a crick in your neck? This is very similar but it’s my elbow and forearm. I don’t recall doing things like this when I was younger and am hoping it is not a getting older thing. I am good at adapting though. Typing with one hand. Printing somewhat legibly with my left hand. Just making do with what is. I am however praying that after a good sleep it will be better tomorrow.

It’s funny how even though I am writing about my arm, I am actually thinking about life. Adaptability is how we survive – or don’t. Life is constantly placing obstacles in our paths and the only way to overcome them and move forward is by being adaptable. We must learn to go with the flow sometimes. Swimming against the current is exhausting. I am not talking about conforming to societal norms, or compromising our integrity and beliefs; but rather about knowing when to let go. Knowing when it is necessary to release beliefs and ideals that are no longer working. Knowing when to accept, or even embrace change. Accepting that somethings are beyond our control and that it’s OK.

Adaptability… it’s how the strong survive.



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