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Day 15 – Chasing the eclipse…


Lastnite – or this morning if you want to get technical – the 14 year old and I really wanted to see the blood moon. We waited till it was supposed to already be red and high in the sky, but when we got out there nothing. Not a single star. Not a glimmer. Not a hint of the moon through the clouds. Just in case we walked the complex and up the road. Still nothing. Then we hoped in the car and drove around looking for a break in the trees where we could determine the extent of the cloud cover.

Clouds 1 – Eclipse hunters 0

But it was fun, and it was nice spending some time doing something different. However I have been very tired today.


If we had actually found the moon this would  be a series of pictures me and 14 had taken, but alas I took it from a Google search.


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3 thoughts on “Day 15 – Chasing the eclipse…

  1. It was cloudy here too and just as the sky went red for a little while, it started raining. I got annoyed and went to bed.


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