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Day 13 – Family dinner…


Today was a beautiful Sunday, I didn’t make it outside though, I actually spent the day cooking. It felt good it has been a long time since I have prepared a full meal for a group of people. I had my eldest daughter and family over, so that made 5 “grown-ups” (that number includes my two teenaged daughters still living at home – 14 and 16 years old, my Eldest, and her fiance) plus my two grand-babies.

I made lasagne – one with meat sauce – mmmm Italian sausage, and a vegetarian one for the two non-meat eaters (my 16 year old and my eldest). It was nice, my 14 year old helped, she is not one for doing anything in the kitchen so I was very glad for the help and the time together . We also had garlic bread and Caesar salad, the 16 year old made the salad. It was sooo good. I was supposed to take pictures, but forgot (I was far too busy working and then eating to take pictures).

It’s funny I had mentioned to my eldest that the only thing missing from our nite was her brother, he must have somehow heard me because he called during dinner. 🙂 (For those who don’t know he lives way up north in a different province than I do)

I am learning to over look the small stupid things that happen: little comments – sibling rivalry, dropped utensils that make a mess, a small temper tantrum because the two year old is hungry now and food isn’t ready for another 15 minutes and so on, because in the grand scope of things they don’t matter. Instead I am looking to the good, we have the opportunity to be together, to share the work, to enjoy a meal, to love. Because these are the moments that make a life, these are the moments worth gratitude.


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2 thoughts on “Day 13 – Family dinner…

  1. These moments are always “the best of times,” aren’t they? It’s so nice to gather everyone together just because. And I’m sure your grandchildren will remember those moments the most…


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