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Day 10 – out of 100… can you be thankful for the insignificant?

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I am finding this harder than I thought it would be. It’s not that I am an ungrateful person but finding something to actually pinpoint every single day is not as easily done as I had presumed it would be. Yet I am grateful that I am posting everyday. I have not skipped one day and I do not plan to skip any days for the full 100.

There are so many little insignificant things to be thankful for. These small things  make up the day. Pinpointing something and making it worthy to be written about is not easy. How do I elaborate and magnify being thankful or a bed to sleep in? Or that I survived another day of work? Or being grateful that I can go to the fridge or tap and get clean water when I am thirsty? What about people that I have met over the internet that I now deem as friends. People living on the other side of the world that I can communicate with and always feel blessed to have had the opportunity? Do these things count? are they big enough to be considered for writing a gratitude post?

YES, yes they are… and in the grand scope of things maybe they aren’t all that insignificant after all.



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One thought on “Day 10 – out of 100… can you be thankful for the insignificant?

  1. Actually, it’s the insignificant stuff that can cause big problems, in my experience. I do like the little things, however. Good post! 🙂


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