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Day 7 – Mindless couch-potato-isms…


Today I am thankful for having the freedom to indulge in mindless couch-potato-isms. My newest indulgence is Dexter. I am so into this show, and I hate how I can never stop at just one episode. They always leave you hanging!


I’ve got to go we are about to put Dexter on….


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9 thoughts on “Day 7 – Mindless couch-potato-isms…

  1. I love, love Dexter! So very sad that I only have 5 episodes left and then what the heck am I gonna watch?!!


    • Once I’m done with Dexter I am going to give Six Feet Under a try – Michael C Hall is in that as well and I have been told it’s fantastic. I also really enjoyed Pushing Daisies with Lee Pace.


  2. I’ve been working my way through Dexter too, series by series! I didn’t think I was going to like it but I got hooked.


    • I loved the first 3 seasons (series). The 4th was decent, but I am finding it is going slowly downhill from that point. I am now in the beginning of season 7 and am not sure if I will make it to the end of the 8th? I am finding that they episodes are all following a similar pattern and am irritated that he has to kill every bad guy and can’t leave any to the police. It’s just too predictable I suppose… *sigh*


  3. Eager to watch Dexter a THIRD time. Yes, it’s just that good!


  4. Oh gosh!! I have a Dexter obsession too!! πŸ™‚ I’m currently watching it through for a second time, with my mum – she’s hooked as well! πŸ™‚ xxx


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