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Love casts out fear…


It is said that “love makes the world go round”… oh, hhmmm, maybe not… I think it’s money? “money makes the world go round”… OK… well that is not my point so…

Anyways I have found myself thinking about things a lot lately. Deep thoughts. Lots of different things swirling about in my head. And so often when I find myself in deep thought, it seems I turn my attention to emotions and human nature.

So my latest thoughts have led me to conclude (for now at least) that all emotion, all behaviour stems from one of two motivating factors. Fear and Love. Now you do not have to agree with me, I am not even 100% sure I agree with me. But this is where my thoughts have led me.

1 John 4:18
18 There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. (NKJV)

I find it interesting that no matter which translation you look at it doesn’t say love casts out hate, or anger, or hostility it says fear. Love casts out fear.

‘because fear involves torment’. I feel this is true. When we fear we live in a state of perpetual torment. I would define fear as the most corrosive force on the planet. Fear is so entangled with so many of our emotions, actions and behaviours. It can rule our lives. Fear paralyses us, holds us captive, prevents us from living. It fills us with worry and dread. It motivates resentment, anger, disappointment. It defies all logic. It leads to judgement and lies. It causes us to loathe ourselves, deflating any sense of self worth we may have had.

On the other hand I would define love as the greatest force on the planet. Love gives us strength, motivates us, fills us with compassion for our fellow man. Loves leads us to forgiveness. Without love there is no unity, no moments of pure joy, no peace. Love is selfless. Love frees us. ‘perfect love casts out fear’. When we love there is no room for fear to control us.

I have also noticed that both love and fear appear to be contagious. When in the presence of a loving person one cannot help but feel at ease, content, peaceful. But when in the presence of someone fearful, it seems the room is full of negativity, uneasiness, anger, restlessness. Which ever is emanating from you spreads covering those around you like a thick blanket.

In what place are you living? From which well are you drinking? I know I fall victim to fear now and then, but I also know that I am starting to recognize it. And as I learn to recognize it, I hope I will learn to control it. Remember the key to casting out fear is learning to perfect love.

Love it’s that simple… just love…

Let's spread love...

Let’s spread love…



Author: myspokenheart

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7 thoughts on “Love casts out fear…

  1. MMmmm….I’m not sure about love casting out fear. Awareness is a great tool for moving us forward. Nice post and I enjoyed the song above.


  2. Very inspirational post that gives me some ideas for some writings…down the road.


  3. I think hate and hostility often stem from fear anyway (and ignorance I suppose), so fear is indeed the emotion which needs to go.
    I really enjoyed this piece!


  4. Perfect love csst out all fears


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