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Running Virus…


It has been a long time since I have suffered from so-called ‘running virus’, but I can feel it itching away at the soles of my feet. Causing a restlessness in my legs, that seems to be buried in my very bones. This infectious virus has absolutely nothing to do with jogging, New Year’s resolutions to get healthy or lose weight, or running marathons… in fact it isn’t about that kind of running at all. Some of you may associate it with the term ‘travel bug’.

This ‘running virus’ has hit me full force! It is tickling my ears with whispers and promises of distant elsewheres. When it comes and invades my blood stream I tend to get a bit edgy. My heart rate can become elevated, my mind will tend to wander, holding thoughts is suddenly hard. I get wistful and poetic, and have a far away look in my eyes. I feel as if my very soul is on fire… and nothing can make the burning stop except breathing in hot, dusty, spice laden air from distant lands.

I often try to escape via books when I feel the virus coming on. But they can only carry me so far. The accents, and languages want to dance across my tongue not just echo in my mind. I long to be caressed by the wind, while singing foreign lullabies, and eating strange intoxicating foods. I want explore and experience things that I have only imagined. I want to get lost in adventure. No hindrance, no fear holding me back, no ties keeping me still. “Soon” I whisper to myself, “just a little longer, soon enough”.

I want a life full of “I can’t I believe I actually did that! wow!” instead “I wish I had done that… Sigh…”

When I was young and foolish I traveled around BC quite a bit and even visited the Yukon, mid winter. But this is not what my heart longs for. Now don’t get me wrong BC is beautiful territory and should any of you ever get the chance I recommend getting lost here for awhile. I confess it was some of the most breath taking scenery around. Mountains, wildlife, oceans, big cities, and vast areas of nothing but forest… it’s all here. But this is my home territory, and so it seems to be the far away places that I find myself dreaming of.

I am thinking that perhaps part of what has brought the virus on is re-establishing of my freedom via a car. Perhaps another contributing factor is that my one year anniversary in the townhouse I am in is coming up, or maybe it’s more due to the shift in weather, longer days, more sunshine  – I can feel spring once again around the corner. I can’t say for sure what is fueling this bout of running virus, but I am definitely burning up with it…


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13 thoughts on “Running Virus…

  1. I’ve got the ‘running virus’ too. Tell you what, we’ll trade for a day. You come on over to India, and I’ll explore BC


  2. Our selves are expressed as our experience shining through the lens of our desires: travel on M’Hearty, it can only make your light brighter 😀


  3. Soon enough. I tell myself that quite often, as well. I have to say at first you did have me going with this “virus” thing 🙂 Also, I can’t believe it’s almost a year since you moved … wow … time sure flies.


  4. One place at a time, one moment at a time. I love your re-vamped page. =)


    • thanx SG! and yep the only way to travel is one step at a time, one place at a time, one moment at a time!


      • Sometimes you can squeeze a lot into one trip, but a lot depends on your destination and how much research you do ahead of time.


        • at the moment the main hindrances for me are 1) finances and 2) having 2 teenagers still at home – having to work around schedules etc… and they bring me right back to 1) finances…


          • Those are the hindrances for most people. When I start saving for a trip, I put small increments away until I reach my goal. Then I shop around for the best price for a plane ticket and go from there. I am fortunate to have friends all over the world, so hotels are not always necessary, which is quite helpful. I’d much rather stay with someone and be able to enjoy spending time with them too.

            How old are your kids?


          • Eventually I will make my way out into the great big world. The two that are still at home are 16 & 14. A few more years to go before we all achieve independent freedom, and that’s OK. 🙂


          • You just have to choose one place at a time, or choose one region and do some exploring. I think it will inspire you and breathe a lot of life into you. 🙂

            I do not envy you with a 14 and 16 year old at home. Those are often difficult ages, even with the best of kids.


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