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You feel so Comfortable…



You feel so comfortable
I put you on like a favourite sweater
pulling you tight around me.

I breathe you in
and like air you sustain me
your scent lingering upon my skin.

I hear your voice
whispering my name in my ear
How I wish you were here.

Some days I am a hopeless romantic. I can’t seem to get my head out of the clouds and I feel like I am drowning in a sea of sickeningly sweet aromas of love and peace and all things nauseatingly beautiful. But there is always this small, nasty voice in my head ready to destroy my visions, telling me to be realistic. Filling me with anticipation and worry. Spewing all the negative what-ifs and filling my guts with dread. I am telling that voice, no matter how small & quiet it may be, to SHUT-UP and BACK-OFF! I want to enjoy this. Regardless of where it goes. If it goes anywhere at all. It’s not the point. The point right here, right now, in this moment and time, is not the destination it is the moment itself. And I want to get absolutely lost in this moment. I want it to last as long as it possibly can. (Whether it’s a mere moment or the rest of my life) I want to feel this with all of my being. To embrace the exhilaration of positive “what ifs”. To jump in and bathe in the luxurious feeling of maybe.

Maybe… it holds all the magic of a faerie tale. I am tired of being cynical. I am tired of holding myself at bay. I am ready to greet the impossible and hold hands with maybe. I am ready…

Besides I have nothing to lose. The worst that happens is a long term friendship has been reunited. The best, well the best is a lifetime love affair with a good friend. I can’t find the loss in this equation? We win either way…


Author: myspokenheart

Blogger, life lover, silly-hearted daydreamer...

2 thoughts on “You feel so Comfortable…

  1. That’s a beautiful poem!

    I have that voice too and I’m completely incapable of living in the moment and enjoying “now”. My mind is constantly working out my next step 😦
    Maybe it’s because I only ever lived in the moment with no thought of consequences when I was drinking and now my brain has rebelled and gone completely the other way?


  2. I love this poem, and your philosophy. Beautiful! 🙂


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