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It’s Christmas Time…


Christmas is right around the corner. In fact Christmas Eve is exactly a week away. So much of the day to day rush is pushing and pulling at us to BUY, BUY, BUY! telling us that this is “the most wonderful time of the year”, building expectations that no-one can uphold.

We put so much pressure on ourselves and our loved ones, feeling defeated and flat is almost guaranteed. We need to just let go, and to let it be what it will be. We need to learn to not put expectations on ourselves or others. To embrace what we have. To be grateful for what we receive, no matter what it is (even if we don’t know what it is  – we have all received those gifts, right?).

This is the time of year when absences seem amplified. When memories flood our minds, and sadly not all of them are visions of sugarplums dancing in our heads. This time of year is one that is greatly anticipated and often greatly dreaded at the same time. We love the dinner, the Christmas music & TV specials, the tree, the traditions but not every year can those things be fulfilled the way we feel they should be. So why not go with the flow and perhaps create new traditions along the way. I mean seriously will Christmas be ruined if you run out of eggnog or forgot the cranberry sauce? What if Uncle Bert gets rip roaring drunk again, or Aunt Jane decides to go on and on about how her stuffing is ‘simply the best’ while you are serving yours. Are these the things that define Christmas  – I certainly hope not!

Christmas has often been a difficult time of year for me, even as a child. I have some beautiful memories, and I have some I am sure that I have blocked. And it is all OK, it is good. I am growing, learning both to embrace what is, and to let go of what doesn’t have to be. Because believe it or not, despite what all the Christmas movies tell us:


In fact it can’t be because none of us are perfect nor are the people that we are surrounded by. My hope and prayer is that we can all get along and that we all can be grateful for what we receive both materially and experientially.

This year I have my girls for Christmas Eve and my Ex has them from whenever he picks them up Christmas Day thru to the 30th. And I am surprised at the fact that I am actually completely OK with this, even though it is forcing new tradition. I will be Skype-ing with my son Christmas Day, as he is currently living out of province, and my eldest is coming over with her Fiance and my beautiful grandbabies after the girls have left with their dad and we are having croquettes for Christmas dinner (NOT A ROAST TURKEY!) in fact I am not doing a turkey dinner till the girls come home from their dad’s.

And again I state it is OK, and I am good with it (who is this person and what has she done with the old me?).

So I send out cyber *HUGS* to all of you and wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! May you be blessed, relaxed and find this the best Christmas yet.


Author: myspokenheart

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6 thoughts on “It’s Christmas Time…

  1. And I wish you a very merry Christmas. I’m sure our cyber paths will continue to cross through the festivities


    • Thanks Cat and I am sure we shall cross cyber paths through out the festivities… Merry Christmas to you my friend I pray you will be able to share this season with someone – doesn’t have to be family (I so get that) but someone… *BIG HUGZ*


  2. My Christmas best wishes to you and your family too!
    I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.


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