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Fare thee well sweet kittens…


So lastnite the kittens went to a new home. I felt like such a mean/bad mom. I even cried. The kids however although upset were pretty much fine with it. They didn’t cry. They didn’t yell. They made a few comments but otherwise all was well. It’s weird this morning I missed their little mews and yellow eyes. But it will be nice to be able to breathe clearly and not take antihistamines like they are candy. Back to normal…. well as normal as we will ever be…









Author: myspokenheart

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2 thoughts on “Fare thee well sweet kittens…

  1. Little kitties will be fine I am sure – you did the right thing and your nose and eyes will thank you even more 🙂 Lovely music clips.


  2. I can understand why you would feel bad about this, but it’s really in everyone’s best interest in the long-run. I hope they’ll be very happy in their new home.


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