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The Tale of Two Brothers… or How on earth did I end up with kittens?


This is the rather short tale of two brothers, Thomas O’Malley and Charlie Cat. Two adorable, amber eyed, energetic, rough and tumble ginger tabbies. Thomas with his fluffy ears and tail, and Charlie with short sleek fur. They are best friends. They pounce on each other, bite each other, clean each other, sleep curled together – a jumble of ears, and tails and legs, and eat side by side with their little furry heads pressed together. They are angelic, and they are beastly. They attack moving things (feet included), and houseplants. They sleep on the stairs all stretched out so that one must skip a step in order to traverse the stairs. They stare with ginormous eyes and let out pathetic mewling noises whenever one attempts to eat near them. Toilets and washroom sinks appear to be gateways to great amounts of pleasure and adventure.

Two sleepy brothers

Two sleepy brothers

As many of you know I currently have two kids still living at home – daughters. What you may not know is that they love cats. (One jokes about being a crazy cat lady when she moves out). I on the other hand tolerate cats. Not because I don’t like them but rather I am allergic, apparently quite allergic. Anyways I have no idea how it happened, except that I know I had said “NO!” and now I have two kittens in my house. And they are rather literally killing me, so now I am facing the dilemma of having to find them a new home. “What was I thinking?” oh right I wasn’t… I just wanted it to work out.

In actuality I want to keep them, but what they are doing to my health is just not acceptable. As strange as it may seem I actually enjoy breathing, and prefer clear bright eyes to watery, blood shot, itchy ones. And so sadly they must go… It tears me apart. My girls are torn. They want so badly to keep them. One kitten might not be so bad, but how do we even consider separating them? As you know Thomas O’Malley and Charlie Cat are best friends.

Thomas O'Malley

Thomas O’Malley

Charlie Cat

Charlie Cat


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6 thoughts on “The Tale of Two Brothers… or How on earth did I end up with kittens?

  1. That’s an awful situation you find yourself in, I hope it works out.


  2. Oh dear…January is very allergic to cats so she has eye drops and antihistamines for that. It used to be really bad but now it is much better – still I wouldn’t recommend constantly taking medication for such an allergy…I hope you find them both a loving home soon. I would totally take them off your hands if I didn’t live all the way on the other side of the world!


  3. So sorry to hear this. I also had two cats, sisters, and had to find them a new “together” home when M became deathly allergic – he was very, very ill so there was no choice for us, either. My mission was to find someone who would take both of them because they, too, had been together and had played together all their lives.

    I also have to type awwww … they are so darling!


  4. I could be wrong, but my understanding is that you become not allergic to your own cats after a time, but I have to also type.. awwwwww, they are so cute.

    oh, show them the toilet paper roll… and how it unwinds… 😉


  5. I should add on a practical note that you should find them new homes now, while they are still little and cute. Cats live a long time, and you’re looking at possibly 20 years of itchy eyes and sinus infections. If you decide in 5 years you can’t take it anymore, it will be a lot harder on everyone.


  6. That is just so sad.

    I’m allergic to cats. I said no, and then yes once. It’s now 16 years later…


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