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An elevator speech for sexual assault


Wow! I am shocked, disgusted and yet affirmed all at once. This is a must for ALL people, male and female alike… do you know what you will say when someone decides to take advantage of the situation and grope you as passing by, or worse?

Tip of My Tongue

A few weekends ago, I was out with a group of friends. We were chatting in a circle, in a busy public place, when one of them got a funny look. Creasing his brow, he announced, “I think that man tried to touch my asshole.” We all stared after the couple that had just walked by, a middle-aged man and woman holding hands. My friend said again, “Yeah, no way that was accidental. He just tried his damned best to stick his finger in my butt.”

This was new to me. I have never been present when a man was sexually assaulted. None of us knew how to respond. My friend was justly stunned, and the rest of us weren’t sure if we should chase the stranger down, or yell after him, or just move on. In the end – no surprises here – we made some weak jokes…

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4 thoughts on “An elevator speech for sexual assault

  1. This disgust is experienced by all. But most of ua ignore. Well, thanks to your post, i can now stand up and protest.


  2. Excellent post and rather shocking, although no surprise that people can be so beastly


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