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Stagnant Wanderings… and some music to fill the time…


I am feeling stagnant… off kilter… Like I am wandering aimlessly… I am feeling restless… I am rearing at the bit… ready to move forward. But where? How? What is forward? I feel trapped. I need to think.

winnie the pooh




think, think, think…
(to quote a Great Philosopher ~ Pooh Bear!)


Meanwhile enjoy a song or two… and I will get back to you on this thinking business and let you know whether I came to any conclusions or ended up with smoke billowing out of my ears…


These two songs are by a new artists, Jaymes Young, and he has done an amazing job on these two covers… He has a full length debut album out called Dark Star, I suggest you look him up:

Jaymes Young ~ Haddaway “What is love?” Cover

Jaymes Young ~ Justin Beiber “As Long as you Love me” Cover

And 2 of my favourites from James Morrison, simply fantastic:

James Morrison ~ Love is Hard

James Morrison ~ If You Don’t Wanna Love Me

And check out Phildel, she hails from England and is Chinese-Irish… she is simply amazing…

Phildel ~ Afraid of The Dark

And last but not least Churchill – this song keeps getting stuck in my head…

Churchill ~ HappySad


And that is all for now… I think I smell smoke…ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰


Author: myspokenheart

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10 thoughts on “Stagnant Wanderings… and some music to fill the time…

  1. Thank you for Phildel, I love that song. Thanks for sharing your stagnant wanderings, I feel less alone and more normal.


  2. i just love your taste of music. i have bookmarked your “music for the soul” page


  3. Churchill is a good band, to bad they broke up a few months ago. I really liked their music. I will check out the others you posted.


  4. I can relate. That thinking can be an infinite and perpetually dissatisfying loop I’ve found. I watched the end of the movie Pushing Tin recently, and had forgotten about the end where John Cusack’s character finds Billy Bob Thornton’s character in the woods and asks for some advice on getting his life back. BBT advised him to jump in the river, which JC is reluctant to do. JC ultimately agrees to do whatever BBT suggests, so next they meet at an airport runway and let the stunningly turbulent wake of a landing 747 yank them off their feet and throw them through the air… a moment of absolutely no thought… a complete break with the past… Anyway, I was just reminded of that. This was probably more for me in the end than you, so take it with a grain of salt!

    Hope you can relax and enjoy whatever process you are in as it unfolds!



  5. I normally feel stagnant when I am not dealing with an “issue” or just before I’m ready to move on from/to something. Maybe thinking about writing and finishing certain projects are all contributing. Enjoyed the music.


    • I have been standing at a fork in the road for sometime now… and am trying to decide what next? Also I have been sick the past few days… it all leaves me jittery…

      You know that place where you know change MUST happen… but you have no idea how/where to begin… I just need to go one step at a time… I tend to get ahead of myself and then I get overwhelmed and I can’t afford to give up…

      so think.think.think… and take one little step at a time… I will get there – wherever the heck there is… ๐Ÿ™‚

      Glad you liked the music… what was your favourite?


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