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For my dear friend… I shall go TEAL!


OV CancerI have changed my colours to TEAL in support of my dear friend Irish Katie

Cancer sucks! What else is there to say?

fightlikeagirlThis is her special logo… Fight like a girl

She is a warrior! and a hero in my eyes.

Fight Like a Girl and Win

Why? no-one knows
it doesn’t make it easier
it leaves us bewildered and confused
Those who love suffer silently
wishing there was more
that we could do

Why? no-one knows
it doesn’t make it easier
when does sadness end?
are there answers
when can we release our breath
and breathe again?

Why? no one knows
it doesn’t make it easier
you have touched so many
who love you so dearly
think of you, pray for you
feeling helpless we watch and wait

Why? no one knows
it doesn’t make it easier
can you feel us with you
hear whispered support
gain strength from love
so you can ‘fight like a girl’
and win!

I love you Katie! *HUGZ*

Author: My Spoken Heart - Andrea Crowell

Blogger, life lover, silly-hearted daydreamer...

15 thoughts on “For my dear friend… I shall go TEAL!

  1. I did not see this 😦 Beautifully written Andrea and much love to our darling Katie. She is the Irish sparkle in our lives and she will WIN this. 2 more treatments? Hang in there beautiful lady. huuggggs and xxx


  2. Thank you Andrea. .*huggggsss* I ha e been away again … sleeping a lot and feeling belch. It has been difficult getting to online. I also know I have been very absent from answering emails and I owe you a super duper long one.

    And … I do feel your support … all of the support from everyone and I appreciate it very much.

    My last (4th) treatment was last week Thursday/Friday… and only now has the nausea begun to lessen. Still … just 2 more to go right?

    Thank you for being my friend Andrea … and thank you everyone else … now I think I will lay down again.


    • I LOVE YOU KATIE!!! **huggggsss** you are allowed to be away … I totally understand… I hope you had a good lie down…

      only 2 more to go! I am with you the only way I can be… wish it was more!!!!

      Big Hugz and MUCH LOVES!!!!


  3. I hope it is ok to share this.
    When my big brother was 30 (He is 48 now) He was told he had Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer.
    He was told he would have three months to live. My Dad build a room in the attic and carried my brother up.
    It was a matter of time. But he refused to give in, he is my hero to this day. And he is alive today.
    He didn’t allow his mind to win, or allow his body to win. This is what he says now when we discuss back when he had it.
    He told me he felt it was a battle of his mind. This is just his story. And he is still her for me to annoy.. As little brothers do..

    I hope that was ok to share..x



  4. Wishing Irish Katie health and healing. Came from Angie’s grapevine and am all for supporting any friend of hers or woman in need. Paulette


  5. Yay you! And yay Katie. WHO IS GOING TO WIN! And is loved so much! By so many!


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