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For the love of DoodleArt…


Oh DoodleArt posters how I have missed thee!

In the 70’s and 80’s DoodleArt full sized colouring posters were available just about everywhere, then in the late 80’s early 90’s they discontinued them. Which I was sad about as I loved colouring those posters. I could spend days lost in those intricate pictures, deciding what colours go where, making sure that I was not messing up the image. Ensuring that everything was co-ordinated, that it all blended smoothly, with the goal that there be no white paper left in the image.

Some of the all new DoodleArt posters

Some of the all new DoodleArt posters

So I discovered a while back that DoodleArt has brought back the full size posters with 10 new images. As you would have it this past weekend I took the girls back to school shopping and while at the book store I found and bought one of the new DoodleArt posters (Bugs and Birds)! I am loving it! In fact I find it kind of therapeutic! Once we got home and put all our stuff away I immediately cleared the coffee table and spread that poster out on it and got busy.I had help at first, my 2 youngest seemed eager to colour too… they lost interest quickly. I on the other hand kept going and just a day into it am nearing a 1/4 done. They didn’t seem to completely understand when I said ‘grab blank paper to test your colours first’. They looked at me like I was crazy when I said ‘really look at the picture and decide what bug or bird you want to start with and how you want it to look before you start colouring’. I think they get it now.

Bugs n Birds ~ DoodelArt

Bugs ‘n Birds ~ DoodleArt

I have to inform you now I love to colour. Yes I do draw and oddly enough most of my drawings are ink or graphite with limited or no colour. But give me a pack of crayons or coloured pencils and a fancy colouring book and I am like a child in at Christmas… tickled pink! I am not all about solid colours and staying in the lines (of course I do try to stay in the lines – I was referring to rules… are there rules for colouring?)… I am about shading and picking the right colours, and blending… you can’t really shade and blend so much with felts, layering isn’t the same (water colours would be better) but you can still work some magic.

I am happy to say the provided double ended felts are decent… but only 12 colours is very limiting for a full sized intricately detailed poster. Thankfully I had a 72 colour pack of crayola fine tip felts and a 36 colour pack of sharpies… needless to say I am set. Yet I still feel limited and keep wishing for more colours.

The provided double ended felts

The provided double ended felts

*when I am done I will post a picture 🙂


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36 thoughts on “For the love of DoodleArt…

  1. We didn’t get this in Scotland 😦
    Not fair, looks fun


  2. I bought myself a DoodleArt poster and haven’t touched it for fear of doing it wrong! I like your tip about testing the colours on a separate piece of paper first! It’s so funny that I want to do it “right” when with my own colouring book I like to disregard the lines and put the colour everywhere and anywhere! I had a friend who did oodles of doodle art and it brings back happy memories of ‘helping her’ colour in with felt tip pens. Lovely to see so many here who love colour. 🙂


    • there is no wrong way… as long as you are happy… I just like to test my colours so that I don’t get surprised… you know when you grab the yellow with out really paying attention expecting lemon and get a dark golden yellow…

      And I was impressed with how many people love to colour… I thought I was an oddity – apparently not 🙂


  3. Oh that looks like fun. I remember doing one or two of them with my Mom. I think she went outside of the lines.. I know someone did.

    You can speed things up with a paint roller?

    *eeeeps, runs and hides*


  4. I sooo get it.. a while back I bought some colored pencils that I needed for decorating a card – it’s both therapeutic and addicting to just let your mind wander.

    I’m looking forward to the picture 🙂


    • …it is therapeutic and addictive… I get a wee bit into it, and keep saying I will stop after I color this flower, oh now I will just colour this bird over here, ok after this bug I am done for awhile…. two hrs later… I have to stop to stretch and pee… (sorry TMI but it’s true!)


  5. I agree with Katie…you must show us what the end result is!

    I totally understand about the not having enough colors thing. They’re really expensive her but I like to buy sets of 72 colored pencils, there are two bigger options but I could never afford them!


    • Oh goodness if I could afford it I would be buying the prismacolor 200 coloured marker boxed set and the 150 coloured pencil set… but alas I do not have that kind of money!!! so I settle for my kiddie 72 colour marker set… 🙂 it works for now… seriously I could spend thousands of dollars on art supplies if money was no object… oh where oh where is that winning lotto ticket???

      And of course the final results will get posted… just not sure how long it will take now that I am back to work… (had a few days off, never enough mind you, but they were good)


      • If you win that lottery, you should come to Lebanon. We are nothing if not absolutely exciting. And we have awesome art supplies too!

        A few days off is truly never enough…especially when it’s work – I remember when a few days off school was almost TOO much.

        Off to Africa today. HUGSSSSSS YOU SO HARD!


  6. This is the sort of thing I’m afraid I would never have the patience for!
    I’ll have to experience DoodleArt vicariously via your upcoming finished product – can’t wait to see it 🙂


  7. Nothing better than DoodleArt and the finished product!


    • Yup… can’t wait to get it done… have to clear up the kitchen table I’m afraid as I had to put it away… no way I’m leaving it on the coffee table with teenagers around… guaranteed recipe for a spilled drink on it… or tea rings… Eeeps!!!


  8. I.

    In person.


    I have no idea what doddleart is lol…but it sounds grand fun … it sounds like you get sooo into it. It makes me want to grab a colour pen too.

    I have not been around (sorry) … but….would you mind if I said … I love you … *smiles*

    COLOUR ART!!!!!!


    • We will make it an official ‘date’!!!
      maybe I can buy another poster and we can colour it together?!?!
      a Katie and Andrea original, could be worth millions to the right buyer!!!
      (OK probably not but come on it’s fun to dream!)

      *smiles* *hugs* *laughs*…


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